Thursday, August 02, 2012


Political Mayhem Thursday: A quiet hour of revelation

On Tuesday, I spent an hour meeting at the Heritage Foundation with Paul Larkin and Ed Meese, on a topic of mutual interest. It was one of a number of key meetings I had in DC this week, setting up two big projects for the year.

As loyal Razorites know, I have many heroes and collaborators, both liberal and conservative (sometimes, of course, my heroes are also my collaborators, which is an incredible privilege).

I had previously had some conversations with Paul Larkin, and knew immediately he was someone I would want to work with. He is knowledgeable, has a remarkable background (including 27 Supreme Court arguments), and possesses a certain graciousness that is too rare in political life. I'm glad our work together will continue, if only because we will see each other again.

Ronald Reagan famously said "If Ed Meese is not a good man, there are no good men." My own experience bore that out. Certainly, there are areas on which we would disagree (such as the death penalty), but I found Ed Meese to be wise, kind, and open-minded. Like most wise men and women, he is a good listener, and an attentive one, yet is willing to incisively improve the ideas of others. He raised two discrete (and wholly true) points in our conversation that were right on point, yet had never occurred to me. Those truths will now be part of how I think about and discuss the topic.

Unlikely heroes are my favorite kind.

As I mentioned to you on Tuesday, Ed Meese had a reputation as being the only "human being" in the Reagan White House.
"...wise, kind, and open-minded."

Reverend Willard and you have often spoken of invitations to the "Lord's Table" being more inclusive than imagined. Often the conversation and message expressed, heard and received enhances the Gifts soon to be shared.

When offered opportunity to prepare the table, a kind and open-minded covering (setting) often stimulates transparent, respectful discussion and discernment where listening and attentivness hold sway and insight (wisdom) unexpectedly settles upon all invited...

Your open heart and willingness to listen has unlocked many a door and often "unexpectedly" challenged - We are all better for it.

Thank yous inadequate...
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