Saturday, August 25, 2012


Oh no! Not again!

Back in 1990, just as I was finishing law school, I got totally hooked on the bizarre TV show, Twin Peaks. It only lasted two seasons, which was good, because I needed the time back!

So.... last night I was noodling around on Netflix, stumbled onto the show again, and... yeah, I'm hooked. Rats.

Oh, I love Monsterpiece Theater.

"Hello, this is Alistair Cookie. Welcome to Monsterpiece Theater. Today we present: The Taming of the Shoe. Tomorrow, tune in for The Old Man and the C."

So brilliant.
Love Twin Peaks! We have the DVDs for both seasons and the 2 movies - Twin Peaks and Fire Walk with Me.
The movies are on Laser Disc
That's a damn fine cup of coffee.
Very funny!
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