Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Just up at the Huffington Post...

This new piece talks about the experience of becoming a new Episcopalian. It was, as much as anything, a reaction to this article from a Baylor professor.

So glad you found a new home!

When people are surprised at some of my beliefs, I tell them this: I was raised in the '70s, in Austin, in the Episcopal church, and my parents worked for Democrats. Exactly how conservative do you expect me to be?
The audacity to speak of “heavenly goods”. Does belief in Christ’s Resurrection give anyone reason to define a (the) path to life after death? As beautiful the story and strong the belief of all Christians that, through Jesus, redemption from sin is promised, who dare stand before God and proclaim to know salvation’s path? Eternal life, like earthly life, is a gift from God – a gift offered to all of His children – Christian and non-Christian alike.

Embracing a New Covenant evolved from and owing much to Judaism ‘is part’ of God’s plan. Knowledge that Christ’s last breath became our first, giving life – cradled in unconditional love – to all, foretells of His call we each receive. Humankind has little purpose other than reverence for, nurturing and ministry to all of Creation’s life – earthly concerns, not of futility, but of service as expressed in the Two Great Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer and the Beatitudes. The ‘earthly home’ entrusted to each benefits little from humankind’s efforts, salvation’s gift dependant upon the kindness and generosity extended to those encountered during our ‘earthly’ life journey.

Transcendence is His gift…
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