Monday, August 27, 2012


Haiku Winner: Christine!

So many good entries this week, talking about food at the fair... good work Renee and Becky and all... but here was Christine's winning entry:

golden, plump, steaming
butter drips down my forearm
salt awaits my lips

mouth waters, my palette cleansed
juicy kernals burst.

There was just something about "juicy kernels burst" that summed up late summer in a few words, which is what haiku is really about.

Having known Christine for some 40 years now, I can safely say that her early years were remarkable.

At the Grosse Pointe Shores George Osius Park, the lifeguards were quite a serious bunch. They brooked no horseplay, or hanging on the ropes, or running on the pool deck; miscreants were humiliated publicly. The sat, imperious, atop white thrones in red swimsuits clearly marked "Guard" (so you knew who you were dealing with), lathered in baby oil. The boys, all of us, would furtively check up at the chair now and then to see if the guard was looking back. (She never was).

Christine was the Queen of the Guards. She not only enforced the major rules, but the minor ones, all while remaining an object of furtive desire. I can still hear her voice crying out "Pursuant to Michigan Law, you must take a complete soap shower before entering the pool deck!" She could even cite the statutory code section... it makes me tear up a little to think of such legal competence.

Congratulations, Christine, for all that you do.

I wasn't looking back because I was blind as a bat (still am)
Excellent choice, MO, excellent choice!
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