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Haiku Friday: School supplies!

Hey! It's almost time to go back to school! That, of course, means that it is time to buy school supplies!

I think that these things-- pencils, erasers, notebooks, MacBooks, etc.-- are a secret pleasure. Call me weird, but I love love love that part of Target, in the back corner, where they have all the bins of school supplies. So, let's haiku about them this week! (or, if you would rather, you can haiku about the photo above, where I appear to be washing dishes).

Here is mine:

Number two pencil?
Who wants to have second best?
Give me number one!

Now it is your turn... just make it roughly 5 syllables/7 syllables/5 syllables, and the winner gets their bio (more or less) featured right here on Monday.

Mark! Finish washing!
We have to go to Target!
I need protractors!
OsoGrande haiku = perfection.
Giant pencil? Check.
Big Chief pad to write on? Check.
Let's do this, 1st grade.
untwist orange cap
squeeze out glue onto desk top
shape glops into nails


Please, Please, Please.. the box
with the built in sharpener...
rainbow of color

Never had sixty-
four crayon box. Midwest Mom
too frugal for that.

Never had Monkees
lunch box/thermos. Midwest Mom
too frugal for that.

Never had poncho
with peace sign. (Cool!) Midwest Mom
too frugal for that.

Always had all I
needed. Midwest Mom always
free with love, love, LOVE.
just one more ...

Never had shoes for
Barbie or Ken. Midwest Mom
too frugal for that.
Ken don't need no shoes!
He done got his own meth lab!
(I had Okie Ken)
My trapper keeper
Hid the angst I felt. I was
An organized mess.
Jill ~
I still have that box of crayons. Found them in the house when my parents moved 10 years ago. Apparently my midwest Mom was too frugile to ever purchase another box. THe Cornflower blue crayon is but a stub - it was my favorite color.
The coal black ink
Juiced from its belly,spoke
Of Presidents.Quills.

It stained your fingers
Like a secret sin,but you
Still write on,glad-messy.

You are not a child
But a world famous author,

My father once stole
Pencils from his Grandma's jar
Depression-born crime.

He never overcame his
Lust for pencils' fragrant gold
Each Yule asked same gift.

Lovely,brilliant haiku,Curessa!
so many supplies
nothing purchased the
teachers first day list

blunt end scissors, glue
ruler, erasers, crayons,
duo-tang folders

supplies for learning
no tissues or lysol wipes
or fancy gizmos

O Man,washing dishes!
Nobility springs from form.
Towel thwacks the indolent.
Osler never washed
Dishes at my house. Paper
plates from now on, pal.
Hail the Big Chief Pad!
With those pebble-sized wood chunks,
Generous margins.

Hail #2 pencils!
Fat, round, yellow beauties
With luminous lead.

Together, I learned
To draw and write and doodle.

Ms. Willard--

Oh, sorry about that!
It seemed like your practice was
Just to smash the plates.
Since we're on Crayons, my favorite colors then -- as now -- are Brunt Umber and Raw Sienna.
"Pencil Break" blitzkrieg:
Black Warrior flick, like a
Panzer attacking.
Glad I didn't go
to school with NAW. I angst while
he plays violent games.
In my 1:48 haiku line should read: nothing purchased "before" the
Osler's shirt--is that
a Sailor Bear on the back?
Or just a wee pig?
That's Sailor Bear!
Hot dog wrapped in foil
An embarrassing lunchbox
It was what it was.
A pink eraser,
Sharp pencils and good crayons,
A virgin notebook.
Good work,Chief and Medievalist.
Sailor Bear -- with his natty little 1920s sailor cap perched at a jaunty angle on his furry head! What a fearsome mascot you are. Many a Tea Sip and Agro died of laughter seeing you ... oh ubiquitious Baylor logo!

(Just want to say, I'm loving this week's haiku!)
And, Anonymous B, Baylor, in its curious wisdom, has ceased selling it on caps, shirts and other apparel because they can't trademark it, and therefore can't keep others like Cal or other Bears from using it. Wrong headed, if you ask me.

I have two caps and one shirt with it, and I fear heavy wear of them.
Pencils and Crayons
notebook margins - heavenly,
scribble and doodle

'Crayolas' my choice
To color outside the lines
freedom to express
Mark - if Sailor Bear can't be trademarked, you can have any number of shops reproduce him on anything you wish! And IPL can't kvetch.

Lee... that's just an awesome idea.
You can't trademark the Sailor Bear? Well, I never ...
I still have my Baylor Slime Beanie Cap with that very same bear from 1972 somewhere.
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