Friday, August 24, 2012


Haiku Friday: Food at the Fair

With the Minnesota State Fair starting, can we haiku about the food one gets at such events? Here is mine:

Hotdish on a stick
Uhhhh... that was kind of a stretch
Yet I gobbled it.

Now, you go! 5 syllables/7/5, with the winner's bio here on Monday...

Roasted corn, cheese curds,
then dairy barn for dessert
and butter viewing.

Feeling like Charlotte's
Templeton, we waddle toward
home, full and happy.

golden, plump, steaming
butter drips down my forearm
salt awaits my lips

mouth waters, my palette cleansed
juicy kernals burst
Walleye on a stick,
Too bad it isn't cheaper,
I'll have another.
butter on a stick
gobble it up or drink it
either way, really?
Just can't help myself
Funnel Cakes at the fairground
Deep fat-fried goodness

She,an arbiter
Of pups, turned vat-golden
Mouth festooned mustard.
Powdered sugar dusts
Nose, chin and cheeks. Funnel cakes.
Snow in early Fall.

I just can't pay it.
You want how much for that stuff?
Not a fair-goer.
the food's well and good...
but the folks with deep-fried fare:
a feast for the eyes.
Here's a great idea -
Greasy "foods" and shady "rides"!

I think I'll pass, Hank.

Heat sits on my skin
Like chain mail long underwear
Cold beer--ambrosial.

Once in my cowgirl hat,
Bee stung underarm.Then only
French fries could ease pain.

Cheese Curds from Heaven
O hot melting manna,I
Adore only you.

Nice one,Becky. Very Japanese.
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Please, what are cheese curds?
Oddity of northern fairs?
do you deep fry them?

North Carolina
offers barbeque two ways
eastern and western


I went to the fair
My eyes bigger than stomach
Please pass the Pepto....
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