Saturday, January 15, 2011


Saturday Musings with IPLawGuy!

Hi! I'm IPLawGuy, and I am still Razoring while Osler is away from the internet. We are using this week to explore the wonderful world of kittens. Here is a video of a cute black and white kitten who just has to sneeze!

That kitten looks just luck one of my kittens, who I named Jack Daniels CuteMittens. Many of my kittens moved away to live with the crazy cat lady, but Jack was taken by federal zoo authorities, and I still don't know why. So then I got Fluffy and Adolph.

Palin in '12!

That is the cutest kitten ever!!!
Perhaps a trip to the eye doctor is in order.

Is that Pandy playign with a kitten?
It wasn't the federal zoo authorities who took Jack Daniels CuteMittens, it was ATF. And...word of advice with little Adolph, make sure he doesn't "accidentally" turn on the gas on your kitchen stove.
Palin?!?! I'm supporting Herman Cain, Thank You. Or maybe Pat Paulsen
Osler, Iplaw is going to get you fro this...hahahahah
You have to read this... and order asap!
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