Monday, January 10, 2011


Minnesota Monday: Pond hockey

This past weekend, the temperature hovered somewhere below ten most of the time. And where were the Minnesotans? Outside, of course. I went skiing yesterday at the little place near my house, and it was jammed with people-- most of them shedding layers as the day went on. On the ice, over the snow, in a fishing shack... people were embracing the winter, and I was, too. This is the kind of winter I suspect that my friend Craig Anderson down in Richmond must miss.

Down in Arden Park, they have set up a hockey rink and opened the warming hut. It's not organized hockey being played down there-- it's people (male and female) with sticks and skates and thick jeans. They play fast and sharp. I love the sound of the blades cutting the ice. As I walked past the rink, I couldn't help but remember the beauty of the game as the players echoed the shapes of a Van Gogh-- those curving whirls, always in motion, always turning, gentle arcs in unison.

My skates are in the basement, my ankle nearly healed. Winter calls.

After many years of organized hockey ... youth, HS, college ... without a doubt my favorite memories are of never ending pond hockey games back in NE with participants from every skill level and every age bracket. Great fun.
Didn't you guys flood the backyard in GP? Just a vague memory!
It sounds like playing hockey on a pond would be a lot of fun. Will your ankle be healed in time for you to do it this winter?
Get those skates out, Professor! :):)
I miss the pond. Still playing in Austin but nothing compares with pond hockey. Hope you get out there Professor
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