Saturday, January 08, 2011


Me and IPLawGuy watch some football...

"That half-keg isn't going to drink itself!"

What were you guys doing last night?
DD? or D.D.? Or DeeDee.

I doubt doubt Pickles would be friends with a DeeDee. That name belongs to like a really perky Dental Hygienist. D.D. Is probably someone more sinister.... but with a Camaro....
You are just jealous Pickles isn't taking you, Tyd...
the funny thing is that this would be a perfect time for me to belch, but I did not.

I like Camaros
ABSOLUTELY Jealous!!! I was her SIDEKICK til I got Kicked the to durb. It burns my oven mitts.

Settle down... your character is in prison for giving out medical marijuana on Halloween, remember?
I hear DD is so hot, I'll need oven mitts to handle her!
I am STILL in jail???

I must have had a really crappy lawyer... hahahahahah
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