Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Kitten Time!

Ed. Note: Because I will be out of town through Sunday, I am letting IPLawGuy handle the Razor while I am gone. I am not responsible for content during that time period. Thank you. Mark Osler.

There are two things I TOTALLY LOVE: Intellectual property law and... kittens! I have two kittens. The fat one is named Cromwell C. Cuddles, and the skinny one is named Disraeli Q. Puddles. They will live me for like about a year, then go live with the crazy cat lady down the street. That keeps happening, so now I just plan on it.

Anyways, now that I am in charge of the Razor, how about some kitten movies! Here is one of my favorites that my friend Roger Morse made when his cat Frango Mint Topping had a bunch of kittens, which was funny because Roger didn't realize that Frango was a girl until she had all those kittens! Here is the video:


Yes, Frango Mint Topping is a girl...but she is a dog...and baby dogs are not called kittens.
CTL, maybe that is true in Texas, but in a lot of other places they are called "kittens."

Also, I am an atheist, and I can't believe you are dragging some voodoo "god" business into discussion of serious issues.
I completely agree with Anon. 12:29. God has nothing to do with kittens. We can evaluate these kittens with reason and logic, and we don't need a bunch of made up myths to explain America's kittens. When I was young, it was normal to drown a big bag of kittens if you needed to. Now people say that is "crazy" or "not appropriate for Youtube." Things change. That is what people in this country need to accept-- that things change, and you don't need some mythical god to explain it. It was also the fashion to wear an onion tied to your belt, but that didn't mean there was a god. I can't understand why there is such misunderstanding on these points.
Dear All,
By the looks of it these kittens are not American at all. Seems like these kittens are British little dogs.
Long Live IPLG
And his kittens! I will say that every time I have visited him, he has several adorable kittens in his home and a few more living in his car. He often carries one in his briefcase.
Is this real life?
As actual READERS of this blog know, when I actually DO get control of the Razor, I post fascinating stories about France and French Culture that lead to many provocative and interesting comment-fests. My icon alone should make that obvious.

The IPLawHousehold does indeed feature cats. Playful, yet equally vicious cats that like to kill rodents and leave them by the back door... or occasionally bring them into the house and toy with them before killing.

As for the video, I don't even know ho to load a video onto a post.

The Prof is going to be sorry if he ever does let me take control of the Razor again!
IPLAWGUY, you don't need a ho to load a video. It's all electronic now. What kind of videos have you been making?
Those are some very cute kittens, IP. I think this is a big upgrade to the blog, I'm so bored of all the boring political thingees. Remember when there was celebrity news here? Can you do that, too?

Again, thank you for you work in this area.
Anon 10:54 you are my HERO.

Well, after Fake IPLG who has kittens in his briefcase! This is, I trust, so that he may, at decisive and opportune moments during trial, "bring out the cute."

Wait, I just re-read what I typed, and the concept of IPLG "having kittens" in his own briefcase is making me laugh too hard to type...ROFL
Actually, Ginger, he positions the briefcase at trial so the kitten can stick its little head out and charm the jury. It really works for him, especially in the middle of a really boring trademark trial.

I'd imagine that a briefcase full of kittens can be a real babe magnet, too.
Why don't we do a "kitten swap?"

To participate, leave a business or P.O. Box address in your comment if you want a kitten. Then, those who want to give can choose a kitten from a local shelter. Box up the kitten with a small amount of food and some toys and perhaps a sippy cup (to avoid spills) of water. Ship the kitten (priority mail, please) to the recipient. Ideally, those who send a kitten will also receive one. Think of all the happiness that will be shared.
Are you supposed to ship live kittens? I do like the idea...
I will accept kittens at the following address:

The White House
Attn: D. Axelrod
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

My preference is calico, but a long-haired tabby is nice too. In return, I will send you a rare Egyptian Sphynx. Please hurry--I will no longer be available at this address in a few months.
I assume that all kittens mentioned have been spayed or neutered?

I agree with Ginger - the picture called to mind of IPLG having kittens in his briefcase during a jury trial does lead to ROTFLMAO.

However, so did my question to my partner (who is an attorney) why he sprang up cursing when our cat was startled and took firm hold of his 'package'. I thought all lawyers liked clawses in their briefs....

I hate cats.
Every time is kitten time. I would like to be part of the exchange! Here is my address:

423 Garfield Terrace
You people are weirding me out.

Every cat I have ever owned has been a killer of rodents, birds, rabbits, crickets, snakes and other pests.

And incredibly cute. They've been named Smoke, Dale, Shadow, Aurora, Lionel, Tango and.... um.... Fluffy.
Why do I suddenly miss The French?
WHERE ARE those conquering French when you need them to take something over?
We're busy eating cheese and drinking wine.
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