Monday, January 17, 2011


IPLawGuy 38: IPLawGuy entertains guests

As you might remember, IPLawGuy had invited Pickles and her friend Dee Dee over to watch football...

Sort of a sensible outfit for a Camaro Driver. I know she's got a mini skirt and tank top stashed somewhere.
"Want to go ride in my Camaro?"
"I figured...bring the beer."

Is the razor now advocating drinking and driving?

This series is set in 1986, when that was legal in Texas. At any rate, I'm sure they would just deliver the beer to their next destination in a closed container.
There's a muscle car exemption
A cute Texan in a Camaro? Uh-oh.

What if she is evil and turns IPLawGuy and his intellectual property skills to the dark side?
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