Saturday, January 22, 2011


I like how the day sounds, with this new song

It's well worth the time that it's taken to get here now.

I've gotten to an age where every once in a while I realize that I have a few rules I live by. From what I can remember, there are three. Here they are:

1) Perfect is the enemy of done.

2) Not all moments are equal.

3) Kindness is rarely regretted.

I don't always do a good job of remembering them, of course.

"Join me in welcoming the shut-in..."

You don't hear that much in pop music!
That song always makes me cry. I like your three.
I only got two rules, 1. Smoke 'em if you got 'em, and 2. Party like it's 1999.
1. Smile sweetly, and have a long memory.

2. Always cut the cards and brand your cattle

3. Make sure your pistol doesn't show under your suit or in your purse.

4. Try it anyway - temptation may only come around once

5 Don't get caught.

Every time I party like it's 1999, it really sucks because I'm all worried the computers will crash at midnight and then the nuclear bombs will go off and the planes will fall from the sky and ATM machines will spew money indiscriminately. That's like telling me to "sleep like a baby"-- what does that mean? Wake up every two hours and scream?
These are two 'new' rules.

When someone/something pisses you off; decide whether it is worth your effort to be mad or if you should just let it go. Most of the time I let it go.

Say thank you and or have a good day to cashiers; waiters, etc... It really catches them off guard.
"Don't cross the streams" is one of my cardinal rules.
Thank you :)

1) Know when to hold em

2) Know when to fold em

3) Know when to walk away

4) Know when to run

#4 is the most important rule, in my experience.
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