Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I don't know if you can swim

[you can hear the studio version of the song here]

I don't know what you smoke
Or countries you been too
If you speak any other languages
other than your own, I'd like to meet you

I don't know if you drive
If you love the ground beneath you
I don't know if you write letters or you panic on the phone
I'd like to call you all the same,
If you want to
I am game

I don't know if you can swim
If the sea is any draw for you
If your better in the morning or when the sun goes down
I'd like to call you

I don't know if you can dance
If the thought ever occurred to you
If you eat what you've been given or you push it around your plate
I'd like to cook for you all the same
I would want to
I am game

If you walk away, I could keep my head
We could creep away
In the dark
Or maybe now
We could shoot it down anyway

I don't know if you read novels or the magazines
If you love the hand that feeds you
I assume that your heart's been broke
I'd like to know you

You don't know if I can draw at all
Or what records I am into
If I sleep like a spoon or really at all
Or maybe you would do
Or maybe you would do

if I walk your way
I will keep my head
We will feel our way
Through the dark
Though I don't know you
I think that I would do
I don't fall easy at all

More lyrics:
All about Lisa Hannigan:

All the people in our life, the friends, the teachers, the colleagues, the brothers and sisters, all of those we love-- there was once a time that we did not know them. I love this Lisa Hannigan song, because it captures something I have always felt, which is that I know the people who are going to be important in my life from the very moment I meet them. I don't know many facts about them yet (don't know if they read novels or the magazines...), but I just sense that they have a role in my life.

I have always been right, too.

Many of those people still meet me here, and I am thankful for that.

Do you remember when we met? I do. All those places, these people I've come to know and love-- a man in a hat who appeared at my door, a senior guy in a tiny radio studio, people in a crowded room, in a pew in a church, or looking down on me in a classroom-- I do remember.

And yes,
I panic on the phone;
and yes,
the ocean is a draw for me;
and yes,
I speak no other languages;
and yes,
like you (or it would not be)
I love the ground beneath me
trod by the saints
of my own acquaintance.

I met you in church, in Waco, in the courtyard in the summer.
PR class. You called on me, and I said "blard. Larfarg brilpip." You accepted that answer.
I love her voice. I think she is part kitten, too. She likes cozy places and howls sometimes.
I panic on the phone.

I write letters all the time (actually, I write cards).

I'm a little bit afraid of the ocean.
I'm new here. But here are some Razor Residents I want to know more about (everyone here seems to know each other already):

Osler's Dad (is it really his dad?)
Ginger Hunter
Neil Alan Willard

Help a Minnesotan out! Are these all Texans?
I met you at a funeral for friend, then many times while visiting the law school. Just another face in the graduation crowds.

I write letters online, cards offline, thank you notes religiously.

I drive fast, love the land (especially our ranch), love to cook and eat what others cook, healed my broken heart, read voraciously, can't draw, and love all sorts of music.


I think IPLawGuy, Christine, Ang, Delia, and the Med. know him from college.
I love the ground beneath me.
I don't take anything for granted and I cherish every friendly gesture.
I swim and for that, I'm drawn by the sea.
I don’t normally behead people, but Holofernes had it coming.
I don’t merely panic on the phone, I make a fool out of myself on the phone.
I smoke cloves de temps en temps. And Backwoods Cigars (they make me feel like Clint Eastwood). We met at a St. Paul's School event.
I hate the ocean, play with my food, love the ground I sleep on, and I do sleep like a spoon.

I met you when I left a gift (dead bird?) on your doorstep.
Yes, I can swim--in fact, it is my preferred mode of transportation.

I also smoke cigars--but I do it wearing a bowler to feel like Winston Churchill.

(After some trial and error, I have discovered that these two activities are not to be done simultaneously.)

I am a professional unpaid intern. I can make a mean Mai Tai. We met awkwardly (on my part) after Sunday Dinner.
Great song! We met doing an interview. And yes, I panic on the phobe, so I'm glad our interview was in person.
Yes, great song.

We met back in your WCWM Purple Rain spinning , Spinal Tap wannabe, Gummi Bear addicted, post GP hockey, pre-law days. Life has not been the same since.
lots of hair
nice flannel shirt

i met you then.
7th and James, back in the day...
I am a Texan, born and raised. I met the Prof. when he taught me to argue like a criminal lawyer.

I'm just a dude. Not the Dude, but a dude.
I met you.... looking for your brother??? But I found only Hector instead..... But the good news is, I have new respect for oven mitts.
PS: Bio-Curious ...

Did you happen to leave anyone off that list??? hahahaha
Bio, in case you are Curious...

I am not a Texan. I live in Oregon, the land of Subarus, Explosions and Hippies.
Tyd-- I never HAVE met you! Most of the others here-- interesting stories, and such different parts of my life....
I am also Texan, born'd and raised.

I met you before you remember, while trying to find humor in PC as a 1L. I met you (when you might remember) finding beauty in my own PC. And then, I knew, I had to take every class this madman offers. So I did. :)
The first time that I remember meeting you was after an evening service during which I had quoted in the sermon a mutual friend whom we knew from different and distant regions of the country. I thought to myself, “What are the chances of that happening?” It was a pleasant surprise that made for a joyful end of the day.

P.S. For the curious one, I’m a Southern expatriate from North Carolina, who now lives in Minnesota and serves as the Rector of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Edina. I have spent 1/3 of my ordained ministry at the beach, 1/3 in the heart of Colonial Williamsburg, and 1/3 here in the snow.
I'm a Minnesotan who met Osler for the first time in his office at Baylor. Curiously, we had similar interests. I speak other languages, love the ocean, have happy traveling feet, was once a telephone operator, am a polar bear, and my animated character plays tennis and has extra groin protection in my super hero suit. I'm also the Spanish Medievalist.
I'm pretty sure we met sometime in the fall of 2004, when I joined the most ridiculous and fun mock trial team anyone could hope for. Practices at Scruffys. The great filling station holdup in Atlanta. Robert on the drums. "Great job, team. Head back to base for debriefing and cocktails!"
i love to swim in the snow and slog through the ocean, though those are interchangeable and pale in comparison to gliding across ice in or on anything.
met the good professor in class, where i'm fairly certain i embarrassed myself (and God) with a quarter-ending sermonette. i've had the pleasure of getting to know him a bit better since, both professionally and personally. the razor is a gift, too, providing insight both intended and unintended, i'm sure.
bio-curious, you should know that i laughed out loud when i read your handle. one of the more creative monikers on the razor...
You were my student, or you were supposed to be. You seemed pretty comfortable taking over the class. Did someone here describe you as "quiet?" That period apparently had an ending date.
It must've been late fall '81 or very early '82, probably at a rush party, and probably introduced by IPLawGuy. Later, we sat at the same dinner table at the House for several years.

I speak 4 languages, and dream in 3 of them.

I adore the ocean: rivers and lakes, not so much.
I met you in Class. I noted how you couldn't add your days correctly when figuring out time limits during juvenile law. you said, "Tom you are right." - admitting that made me your friend for life!
Sounds cheesy, but at Baylor admitting a mistake wasn't generally done, and it definitely made an impression to hear it from a professor. It made you real. Though, now my wife partially blames you for overinflating my ego and setting me down the path to thinking I'm right ALL the time and generally making her life more miserable in the process! "No good deed" I guess.

I, by the way, am a descendant of Polish royalty who immigrated to the US to escape the clutches of the evil that is communism at the tender age of six, where I was promptly forced into a reprogramming camp called Texas. I now proudly have the bumper sticker that says "I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could" and can cite 30 ways that Texas is better than all the other states in under a minute. (such as "we built all of our lakes unlike being "blessed" with 10,000 like those pansies way up north")
For the betterment of humankind, my acquaintance with Osler is best kept secret.
I love to talk on the phone when the voice on the other end belongs to someone I love.
I love to sleep like a spoon and wake up in a warm embrace.
I eat hungrily whatever people cook for me!
I am dangerous when driving.
I met you in a church where God brought people together to change the world.
I met you a long time ago, when you were a new professor, and I was a new student. We all sat up straight at the start of class, waiting to see what you would do.

I drive carefully, I love the ground I walk on, and I really want to meet about everyone who posted above.
I forgot a few people (and have been looking through archives). Who are:

The Waco Farmer
The real, original ktn
Craig (there seem to be two)
I knew your brother - since like 7th grade.. does that count? I used to read all of your things that you wrote in the North Pointe and thought they were hilarious. We never met at GPN because I was A like two? years behind you B I was INVISIBLE C I did not stay at GPN very long.

Thru the Razor I met my very best friend ever Ginger Hunter. I learned all abotu the law when my house exploded, and IPLAWGUY found us the most awesome attorneys in the entire state of Oregon... so no we have not met. But one day... we will...
You know I can swim! We were on swim team together at the Shores Park.

OK Bio-C:
I grew up in MI and now live in FL and NC. I am not an attorney.
Aside from Osler, Osler's Dad and Tyd I have not, to my knowledge, met anyone out here in Razor-land.
’ve never smoked anything.
Cambodia, El Salvador, Haiti, to name a few.
Spanish, por supuesto.
Drive like an Israeli tank commander (I’ve been told).
Cherish the earth that grows peonies and feeds people.
Write long letters. Never panic on the phone; probably should.
Swim like a fish. Mesmerized by cold, gray oceans - especially the ones Turner painted.
Day or night - better depends on my thoughts, not the sun.
Just try to stop me from dancing. Cook for me? YES!
Non-fiction - every time. Broken heart? You bet. Visible scars.

Osler – we met in a very crowded room up in the sky.
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