Thursday, January 27, 2011


Haiku Friday: Favorite places

I'm in Philadelphia today, giving a talk at Villanova Law School. It's an important talk, too-- my first discussion of a new type of sentencing guideline ("trailing-edge guidelines"), which I will be presenting more thoroughly in DC in March. In between, I am doing a lot of church talking-- at St. Stephens Episcopal in Edina on Feb. 6, at the humongous Fourth Presbyterian on Michigan Ave. in Chicago on Feb. 12, and on March 5 & 6 (giving the sermon!) at Holy Comforter Episcopal in Richmond, Virginia.

But right now... Philadelphia. I lived in this city for one wonderful year, when I clerked for my great mentor and friend, Jan DuBois.

Let's haiku about favorite places now... make the first line "A place I loved:" Make the second line about seven syllables, and the third line about five.

Here is mine--

A place I loved:
A town of vendors and brains;
No one pays retail.

Now it is your turn.

A place I loved:
Texas sun meets cool water,
Life moves slowly here.
A place I loved:
Eleven years at Summer
camp. Surrounded by love.
A place I love:
No pin in the map for this,
It moves with her footsteps.
A place I loved:
The streets form wind tunnels
In the student ghetto.
A place I loved:
Colorado skiing high (altitude)
Sweet heavenly bliss.
A place I loved,
Pat's, just across the street,
Way better cheesesteak.
A place I loved:
Vegas, the adult Disney-
Land. Hard Rock pool. Drinks.

A place I loved:
Feet dangling in the water.
Tubin' the river.
A place I love:
The Eleanor Clay Ford pool
Always clear water

How do they do it?
Are Village employees skilled?
Unlikely. Ha, ha.

It must be the place.
Lake air, blue water, sail boats
Best employment of my life.
A place I loved:
Glistening skyline, rowboat
Smiling and laughing.
A place I loved:
Breakfast on the roof, us two
It was still warm then.
A place I loved:
tobacco, warm flannel, (hug)
heart beating, my dad.
A place I loved:
Liang pi from a street cart -
Just eat and don't ask!
A place I loved:
Tiki torches, Pu Pu platter
Left Fred in the room.
Being on the shore,
Lake Superior is cold,
Fresh air and cool breeze.
A place I loved:
A town with useless maps,
Streets made of water.
A place I loved:
God’s Acre, rows of white stones,
as the sun rises.
A place I loved:
That special spot, his shoulder
Yes, a perfect fit.
A place I loved:
Outside the bagel shop
A happy happy dog.
A place I loved:
Philly, not Villanova
(That's in the suburbs)

A place I loved:
Geno's down in South Philly
Better steaks than Pat's
A place I loved:
Clear water; scattered islands
In the wilderness
A place I have loved,
Filled with both hope and regret.
Hark upon the gale.
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