Friday, January 07, 2011


Haiku Friday: Dancing

If you play either of these songs (one of which I have already featured as a great driving song), you probably could get me to dance. If you wanted that.

I have music in my head. It's going to be a party next week-- I'm speaking at the national death penalty conference in Chicago, and it looks like Illinois is getting rid of the death penalty. Melody, beat, movement.

Haiku about music, or dancing, or celebration, or missing, or cannonballs. Just Haiku. I won't be fussy about syllables.

When I lecture, I
Lead with my right hand; just like
When I dance, or laugh.

Now it is your turn...

Dancing on a beach,
Warm sand and those strong rhythms
I'm hoping for that.
What is it I miss?
The sun on my bare skin. (that's
an analogy)
I have danced with you
I danced with everyone there
Best day of my life.
I knew the bride when
She used to rock and roll
(but she still does, right?)
Kim Deal. Dude has there
ever been a cooler rock
chick. Pixies. Breeders.
Dancing on your boots -
You and me and Charlie Pride!
Daddy's lil' angel
Cannonball rolls on
Weight and speed makes an impact
Osler rocks Dallas!
I remember that song well
But didn't know missing...
Like Seinfeld's Elaine
I look ridiculous, but
Still, it is so fun.
There was that one time
Dancing in the dark, alone
No music needed.
"Would you like to dance?"
Hesitantly, she takes his hand.
A new beginning.
Dance party. In the
back bedroom. College parties
were just more fun man.
Is that an IPLawGuy-style water drip at the start of the second song?
Rock Lobster. Sticky
Frat Floor. Modern English
Melt with you.
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