Tuesday, January 18, 2011


First Day of Criminal Law

Today was the first day of Criminal Law, and I did an art history lecture to play out some of the themes that will structure the course. Here is a sample of the slides that I used for four major themes. Can you identify these works? [enlarge the image by clicking on it]





I don't know what any of those are. Are all of your classes kind of weird?
I think the first and third are Caravaggio, but not the one you used for PR class in 2006 at Baylor!
You burned a whole day without talking about mens rea?

Day 2 Suggestion:

I've identified the second one as a screenshot from "Lord of the G-Strings", Cinemax, 2009.
Bernini did "Lord of the G-Strings?"
I don't know who Bernini is, but if his friends call him "Bert" or "Bruno" and he is the craft services guy with a certain "film" company, then he may have been involved with "Lord of the G-Strings".
As big a cinematic achievement as Lord of the G-Strings was for it's time, it can hardly compare to Bert/Bruno's work on the 2010 masterpiece Insextion.
I am familiar with all of these paintings:

1. Christopher Columbis Goes to the Bank. An Early work by Nils Vandelay.

2. Does this Toga Make Me Look Fat? By Andreas Ojos- Cabeza

3. Strawberry Shortcake's First Decapitation by Councilmember Brian Hodson

4. Christina Surrenders and Then the Police Come and Take Her Downtown for a Brutal Interrogation by Pootie
I know the [criminal] sex one: bernini's "rape of proserpina" at galleria borghese. Seen it in person [while scouting for trouble]...stunning!
you should start the first day of this class half an hour early each semester and reserve that time simply for making jokes about the paintings. if this comment board is any indication, the real genius of your students would be sure to shine through.
I can identify them all, but if I hadn't been in the class I would have only been able to identify the last one.

Great way to start the semester. Thanks.
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