Tuesday, January 25, 2011


A cartoon... and a contest!

How many fibs does the Spanish Medievalist tell Dee Dee?

The sad thing is that guys like the Spanish Med, who could just engage a woman in conversation, about ANYTHING, did OK if not quite well with women in college.

Me; I did not even know how to approach them. So although I never got myself covered in Syrup (or nutmeg), this is a pretty accurate depiction. I probably did rip my pants.

I liked it better when I was busy enforcing IP rights and shooting up the television.

I was there in college, and I think you are totally wrong! You were the guy who seemed to be brave enough to talk to girls, etc.

Or to limbo at the party, or go to the waffle house with a chi-o...
Women love maple syrup.
Didn't go to Princeton and didn't win Wimbledon--in mixed doubles.
He didn't go to Princeton, Princeton came to him! And he won Wimbledon in Gentleman's Singles!
I'm pretty sure Princeton no longer offers a GED.
IPLawGuy didn't rip his pants, I did! I put the "ow!" back in "meow."

He looks better without them, anyways.
5 fibs?

Modestly covered in maple syrup is quite attractive actually.

KTN, you sound fun!
You gotta love a guy who'll shoot up a television. I haven't owned one in more than 10 years but if one even tries to sneak into my house - I know who to call. And I'll have the syrup and nutmeg ready.

You can see the video of IPLawGuy shooting down his television here.
Didn't IPLAWGUY make the Spanish dude's suit? He's taking credit for it here.
You're right, I did make the Spanish Med's costume.

He needed protection from errant tennis balls.
... which are often a risk in mixed doubles.

Quite frankly, I have never been a fan of spandex pants on men. So thanks!
The spandex pants things works pretty well for the Medievalist.

Later in the party, will you let guests fire away at the rotating TV?
No, firearms and Grain are not a good combination. Currently I am trying to provoke another KTN v. KTN cat fight
I'll take the bait. Since I was the first KTN (there are posts to prove it!), can I hire you to protect my identity? It is somewhat of an "IP" thing in my mind. I would like to sue for substantial damages.
The Original KTN
Fake, mangy, neutered ktn:

Ha! Fat chance.
He already works for me.
What is Spanish about the Medeivalist? Isnt he from Minnesota?

I got a haricut today.
Tydwbleach, there are Hispanic people in Minnesota!
Is there a problem with the mai tai machine? And is it ok to have a Baylor intern run an alcoholic beverage dispenser?
Having extra groin protection is always good, especially around Pickles, she's a biter.
Med, I got your back! or in this case, your front.
I love this.. I love thinking of IPLAWGUY as SPANISH's Wingman. They are BOTH AWESOME. Sp Med - Daont take any guff over that suit of yours. Iplaw is walking around in Broccolli
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