Saturday, November 13, 2010


IPLawGuy 27: Only Lane can save Odessa...

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look out world -- Lane will soon be featured in a lycra superhero suit.
Yeah, if I were in charge of saving Odessa, it would burn.

Where can I sign up for Pickles' plan of world domination?
HOw can I be stoned when I was in jail? How did I get out of jail? Did Pickles spring me? hahahahahahaha I love that I asked about his "hockey equipment..." hahahahahahahaha

" And no, I do not want to go out with you... " HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Does Hector know?
As I told the Prof. today, the PA Announcer at the Phoenix Airport sounds just like IPLawGuy
I have a theory. I think Ginger is PICKLES.
Ginger already has a cat name. She doesn't need another (stupider) one.
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