Monday, October 25, 2010


Where Goest Thou, Razor?

Razorites, advise me. I'm having fun with the IPLawGuy cartoons, but they are slowing down the Razor for a lot of people. I'm thinking of moving them off to youtube (most are already there) and ending the series.

1) What do you think?
2) How should I tie up the plot?

Make it stop. Fun while it lasted, but please, just make it stop.
I like them and think they are well worth the extra minute or two it takes to load. It is amusing to see the interaction between the regular commenters and show how well you know each of them.

To anon: don't be hatin'!
I need to know what happened to Pickles' tail.

If you do wrap it up, just make sure that the water leak is fixed and that I don't end up having to listen to Euro Pop.
1) Good idea. It doesn't just slow the Razor down for me; it usually freezes my computer and requires a restart.

2) Something featuring, oh I don't know, me. :)
Please move them. I rarely check the razor anymore because it takes so long to load or it just crashes my browser.
Glad I am not the only one who has computer problems.

On that note, I would like to invite Pickles to a 'bad kitty' themed halloween party this Saturday.
A video now and again is fine, but they seem to have taken the place of the interesting observations and writing you usually have, so they should go.
I love them, but I feel for those who are having connection issues (I have no problems accessing, but I know Tyd has, and she loves the videos/blog). I would be fine with a link to the videos and all of them on Youtube.

As for tying it up? There are so many unanswered questions! Just be sure to Deathly Hallows it up, or there will be anarchy among the six of us that love the series. :P
Oh, and Christine, please please invite me too!!
I think the videos are a great addition the blog. It seems like there hasn't been as much insightful commentary as usual since the videos began, but I think that the videos could peacefully coexist with regular commentary.

The videos have definitely made me smile, and I think they are valuable. They really add a fun element of expectation to the blog. I'm sure many readers are wondering who is the next character, and what exactly RRL will do with that amazing bird house.

I have never had a problem loading the blog because of the videos, but I know that must be frustrating for some readers.

You could post videos on YouTube and then post a link the video on the Razor. That should solve the slow loading problem.
Wrap it up The Warriors style. Oooossssler...Come out and PLAYAYYAYAAAAY.

oh, and links are fine. i'll be clicking 'em.
Meow. "It turns out I'm a biter. I bite."
For those of you having trouble viewing the site because of the videos, consider downloading Flashblock, an add-on for Firefox. It takes automatically loading flash files and turns them into a clickable link. Great for getting rid of annoying flash ads.
If only you could use three characters, then you could have a three-way fight for supremacy between IPLG, Pickles, and the intern...

The intern wins...
Dump all content save for the videos. This is making this blog much better.

Volokh Conspiracy
I'll click through to YouTube if you merely posted the link on The Razor. I'm still enjoying the series.
1) Is it just me, or Anon 11:45 and Anon 1:44 the same person? And, if so, hasn't he been voicing this complaint on every other post this week?

2) Aqua Buddha/IPLawGuy face-off! Christie O'Donnell should make an appearance, as should I.
We'll not be taking any guff from you, Volokh. What kind of name is that anyway? And just who are you conspiring with, or against, for that matter?
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