Wednesday, October 06, 2010


What's going on here?

First, hits at the Razor have spiked for some reason-- nearly 500 a day over the past few days.
Second, some people are telling me that the blog is loading up slowly. Let me know if this is happening to you.

Also, Baylor football is 4-1. Hmmmm....

Been a little slow, but I'm in FL and don't have a good connection.

MLB - AL Game 1: Rays v. Rangers
First pitch: 1:37
(I'll be there)
I didn't think people actually went to Devil Rays' games? And I'm still calling them the Devil Rays because Tampa Bay should not be allowed to escapte their satanic past.

Go Rangers.

p.s. - Osler, the website has loaded really slowly the last few days.
Might there be connection between that water leak and the download problems?
Blog is VERY slow to load.

It's crashed my browser a couple of times.
On a high speed connection and the website loaded very slowly.

RRL: I still own a season 1 Devil Rays jersey but when I wore it to a playoff game 2 yrs ago they lost. I don't wear it anymore.

I love Josh Hamilton and met him when he was with the 'Devil' Rays. Great player and I am so glad he got his life back on track.

My favorite player is Rocco Baldelli and he made the post season roster! Stttating game 1 at DH
Ok-- now I have removed all the videos except the 2 most recent ones... is it working better?
No, still loading slowly this morning--you need to contact your blog provider to see if something is amiss. Did they wear their special red hard cups? Is the leak really bad? Is Pickles the cat behind an evil conspiracy? Maybe raquetering? Just saying.
RRL, my little league team was the Devil Rays. Does that make me a servant of evil?

The website loads fine on my iPhone but that's because I don't have flash on here.
Still works fine here at my office on a T-1 line and at home on Wifi
I have had no trouble loading the blog...and I should know because I have done so an average of 437 times a day for the last week.
Even after you removed the videos - still loading slow.
The page loads perfectly fine for me. I'm using Firefox on a mac, but I've also tried it in Opera, Chrome, and Internet Explorer (barf) on both Mac, Windows, and Linux, and they all worked fine for me. Confusing.
Firefox on a Mac - faster than Facebook or Yahoo.
Works fine here now - it was a bit slow earlier.
Safari on a Mac - no problems

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