Monday, October 25, 2010


Well... that headline might be a problem...

A version of my Razor post from Sunday last week is now up (at the top!) of the religion section over at the Huffington Post. That should be an interesting comments section!

Maybe I should have had them consider these alternatives for the headline:

"Jerk of the Year Reflects on His Misdeeds"
"Big Dummy Fathead Blunders Through Life"
"Stinky McStinko Regrets His Errors"

[In fairness, I did come up with with the headline myself. That should promote my "humility project" quite nicely, eh?]

At any rate, I would urge you, no matter what you think, to contribute to the comments section over at HuffPo. If you have a story about me, good or bad, put it out there-- it couldn't be much worse that the headline!

HuffPo brings nothing but tears. Sassy gossip rags are where it's at.
You commented more on those reponses than you did here. I feel like you've abandoned the Razor for something "bigger."
No ADA! It's just that there were more comments there. And... it is the first time I have posted anything there that got positive comments instead of getting attacked by atheists and wiccans.
I've never understood why atheists care about religious opinions. Seems irrelevant to their larger concerns. And Wiccans should remember their own Rede.
I couldn't post on this earlier because my computer wasn't liking the Razor for a while. I won't relate it to religion because I can't.

All I can say is I must have lived in a bubble of naivety when I was at GPN. They only talk I ever heard about gays and lesbians was in relation to the female Phys Ed teachers and the girls softball team. I just never gave it anymore thought.

In retrospect, I know quite a few of my GPN friends are gay or lesbian. I just never thought twice about it back then or does it matter to me know. I can only imagine what was said about me back in the day and I think I would rather not know.
Interesting insight into your life and character, Mark. I appreciate your willingness to share this.

Growing up in Southern California tenuously connected to the entertainment business makes me different maybe. I remember early on, junior high perhaps, consciously deciding to never pass on a friendship because of sexual orientation. Ironically, my very conservative Southern Baptist parents supported that attitude.

Of course, as a schoolboy I used the word "gay" as a pejorative--but I am reasonably sure that I never called anyone "gay" who actually was. I would have seen that as bad form.

Maybe this is too honest, but I am convinced that my lack of guilt over childhood hate crimes has influenced my thinking as an adult. Honestly, I am still trying to reconcile the questions in my own mind in re the gay lifestyle. Is gay marriage equal to heterosexual marriage? Are gay parents the best candidates for adoption? Would I be comfortable with a gay pastor in my Baptist church? Would I be okay with that gay pastor's same-sex life partner? Would I be okay with same-sex marriage being performed in our sanctuary? These are still difficult questions for me.

However, what has remained consistently clear for me over the years is my belief that God calls us to love--not hate. Of course, I can love someone with whom I do not agree or who practices a lifestyle I do not fully embrace.

FYI in re the Huffington's comments section: several years ago I came to the conclusion that reading those forums in which hundreds of strangers castigated one another was not just a waste of time but a source of negativity. My advice is to ignore them.
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