Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Pickles + The Spanish Medievalist: Could this be the end of IPLawGuy?

The good news is that I know where to rent equipment that will help me fix that water leak.
"Between your furry ears and my special protection against groin injuries, we are very powerful!"

So true. So true.
Can anyone explain what is on Pickles the Cat's shirt? At first I thought it was pickles of some kind, but it is something else.
I'm laughing so hard I think I've suffered a groin injury. Would someone fix that leak. Cats in cages? "Nice tail."
I really didn't want to laugh but I did, dammit!
How come PC and SM man get all the funny lines? Am I just going to be a straight man in this....

SM man.... Cats in cages... funny outfits.

IP, you do have a nice belch there at the end.
I'm not into potty or digestive humor.
Anon 12:48- LOL
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