Friday, October 08, 2010


Haiku Friday: Interns

Look! IPLawGuy got an intern:
[Video removed-- but you can see it here]

There are days where everyone could use an intern-- someone to do those little tasks that we don't quite have time for.

If you could be an intern for anyone, anywhere, at any time, who would you pick?

That is our haiku topic.

This week, I will relax the formula. Stick to two short lines, or three if you must. Do not worry about the syllables.

Here is mine:

My dream internship:
With James Buchanan.

Now it is your turn...

I would like to be
Kagan's intern; alas, I did
Not go to Harvard.
It sounds like a good deal
To be Osler's intern.
I was an intern
For Mark Osler, it is true
Whipped ev'ry day.
Could I be an intern
For Harpo Marx?
Right now, I'm trying to become
an intern for Jeffrey Minear...

We'll see.
That intern looks a little scared to be working in IPLawGuy's leaky "Pod in Space."
Scared? No! I will fix that leak right after I "solve our problems!"
Unlike here, in real life
I do not burp outloud
I do need my tunes, however
Ron Bennington
Sounds like a buck two-eighty.
Got a letter from Clarence Thomas-
close as I'll get to an internship
Do The Kings of Leon
Need interns?
I need a woman mentor, someone to challenge and encourage me -
Condoleezza Rice would do nicely.
Sit down, pour a drink
And learn the art of seduction.

The Kings of Leon do not need interns...
They need talent.

I would like to intern for Lemmy Kilmister,
So I could learn how to be awesome.
RRL working for Motorhead
(Or Hawkwind): Awesome!
The hoplite phalanx
Meets the gluttonous weasels
In their crater home

(I love wikipedia)

I've been waiting all season for this haiku!

You know, I have most of Hawkwind's LPs... they would make an EXCELLENT soundtrack for a pod in space!
Can we all agree that "Chronicle of the Black Sword" is the best Hawkwind album?
Interning with Cervantes,
Why is Don Quijote so long?
kagan would be a bore.
i'd like to intern for monica lewinsky.

(actually, kagan has a pretty dry sense of humor, from what i understand, some of which came through in her hearings. also, i'd REALLY like to intern for chuck norris, but his last 1,384 interns have died in unfortunate chinfist accidents. it's very spinal tap-esque. ooohhhh, yes!! i'd also like to intern for spinal tap.)
Ive had enough internships to know that being an intern is one of the crappiest jobs there is. Pass.
I prefer Warrior on the Edge of Time
A Moorcock reference is a Moorcock reference, I suppose.
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