Friday, October 01, 2010


Haiku Friday: Barbecue

I have learned that haiku often works best when the subject is something that people feel passionate about, and there appears to be little that Razorites are quite as passionate about as... barbecue (as this previous exchange demonstrates). The topic comes up in part because one of my favorite former students, Nick, has begun a new blog devoted to barbecue which you can see here (I am also adding it to my blogroll).

Here is mine:

Do I miss Texas?
Mmmm, the sweet and tender taste...
Texas, yes I do.

Now it is your turn... five syllables for the first line, seven for the second, and five for the last.

Memphis style meat?
Bleh, tastes like cheap sewer stew
Give me my brisket!
The worst barbecue
Is anything in Boston
Called "barbecue"
My lil' carnivores
Question me incessantly:
"Is this pig or cow?"
"We didn't want a nuclear program anyway." Beauty.
In Elgin can be
found, the hottest, best sausage
in Texas/around.
Today I'm eating
A Gutpack at Vitek's so
I'll need a nap.
Makin' me jealous, SM.
Sweet smell of success
It's not money or sweat, but
That sticky sweet sauce.
Pull'd pork: Heresy
Rednecks pay for vomit bowls
Thank God for Texas!
Pour gravy on it
And serve with mashed potatoes
Texas beef brisket.

Three words: De li cious!
Pulled pork, sweet vinegar sauce
The true barbecue.

Barbecue haiku?
And last week was football -- UGH
Nothing here for me
Famous Pierce's Pitt
Tangy, tomatoey base
Always rocks my world!
Ribs! Pulled Pork! Brisket!
Ev'ry bite more delicious
Than the one before!
I miss this place in
San Jose, CA. It was called
Armadillo WIlly's.

They do not have them here in Oregon. Not much good BBQ in Oregon. But everyone here - they all use some goofy special kind of grill made here called a TRAGER. It uses wood pellets instead of charcoal I guesss?

We liked our Webber grill a lot until it flew into the enighbor;s yard one day. Then we got this other one, eventually. Not a webber. Weird looking. Bill likes it. CHAR BOIL or something.

ANyway I really like only Charcoal and stuff - NOT propane.
Carolina Folk
Cannot Afford to Smoke Cow
So They Must Praise Pork
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