Friday, October 22, 2010


Haiku Friday: The Aqua Buddha

You can see the video here.

Really... don't we have to do this? Let's haiku about the Aqua Buddha.

You can mess with the form this week-- just make it three short lines. I don't care about the syllables.

Here is mine:

Don't you sorta wish
There really was an Aqua Buddha?
Baylor needs one.

Aqua Buddha,
We beseetch thee
Bring Baylor victory!
Aqua Buddha
we beseech thee
no more xtranormal videos.
Hours in the pool
pondering the existance
of Aqua Buddha
Anon 3:30
He is not wise in the ways
Of Aqua Buddha.
At W&M
we worshipped the shaggy one:
Harry Buffalo
Wait... did CTL time travel? Shouldn't I be a little pissed about him selling out to that felonious feline?

This obviously took place in the past, as I was "effective" in shooting down that stupid flat screen TV earlier this week.
So far, only three out of the five haiku have the right syllable count.

Hmm, Aqua Buddha,
a good halloween costume?
How to execute?
Anon 3:30-- :(
I went swimming in
Murky Lake Waco and found
The Aqua Buddha!!!

He taught me his ways
And gave me special tools to
Attain Nirvana

Now I do yoga
And have been know to kidnap
Sorority girls!

There you go, Micah. Three haiku with perfect 5-7-5 syllable count.

IPLG, though I am able to travel through time and space (as most interns can), your confusion comes from the fact that while you were distracted by the perpetual water leak, I fixed your TV! With this gesture, I hope we can renew our partnership

PS, Rand Paul and I agree that Anon 3:30 probably has bad karma.
Aqua Buddha, sure
But it's not quite as cool as
Aqua Velva, yo.
Hey Aqua Buddah!
Isn't that by Jethro Tull?
Love that rockin' flute
A wise monk asked,
"What is Aqua Buddha-hood?"
Rand-shu replied, "Mu."

(Bonus Lane Points if you can identify all the Buddhist in-jokes.)

(Lane Points™ not useful for anything other than impressing nerdy blog commenters with nothing better to do than award people points.)
So Lane Points™ aren't redeemable for anything?
You take Lane Points(tm) and redeem them from each according to his Lane Points(tm), to each according to his needs.
But I thought Congress was going to extend the Bush Lane Points™ tax cuts for 95% of the American people?
aqua buddha, like
budai? his belly be a
lucky waterbed!
I'm afraid Lane Points™ are not subject to tax cuts, but receive regular socialist tax increases so that tax and spend Democrats in Congress can use them in Lane Point™ entitlement programs to make sure that people are forever beholden to the state as provider of Lane Points™, thereby preventing honest small-Lane-Point™-business owners from being able to break in to the market.
Razor, breaking news...
Aqua Buddha was featured (on)
Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me
Better tax-and-spend
Than to have borrow-and-spend
By Aqua Buddha
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