Sunday, October 10, 2010


A brief recap and F.A.Q.

Q: Osler, where did Pickles the Cat come in?
A: As explained in this live-action video, Pickles broke my ankle back in August.

Q: What kind of superpowers do these people have?
A: IPLawGuy has broccoli power, as well as an encyclopedic knowledge of intellectual property law and access to a wide variety of power tools. The Spanish Medievalist has unusual protection against groin injuries, while CTL is motivated by a poor job market for college graduates. Tydwbleach, meanwhile, has the ability to handle hot objects safely, and Hair Cut Guy is able to fly.

Q: Where can I see some of the older things that have been removed from the blog?
A: They are available over on YouTube. Just type in IPLawGuy, and they will appear (albeit, out of order).

[video removed-- but you can see it here]

Can we vote on what should happen? My favorite characters are tyd and hair cut guy, and I want them to fall in love.
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Technically, motivation is not a superpower.

But speaking of the job market for college graduates, it could be worse...

Sept. 2010 Unemployment Rate by Level of Education
Tyd,Pickles ,Osler.
Sleepy Walleye, and others.
They got to Xtra.
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