Sunday, April 18, 2010


Sunday Reflection: Remembrances of Things Not Yet Past

Today I am in New Haven for the memorial service for one of my primary mentors, Prof. Dan Freed. I have already written of his death, and won't repeat that here.

Instead, I will simply say that these occasions are best for me when they have solemnity and laughter, sadness and grace, truth and light. I think this will be that kind.

Perhaps it is not an accident that this memorial is one day and my "Last Lecture" is the next. Solemnity and laughter, sadness and grace, truth and light-- not a bad recipe.

This morning on "Sunday Morning", one of the segments was about death and funerals. I only caught a piece of it, but one of the things that stuck with me is that we must experience the passing of loved ones fully in order to fully live. I think that is exactly what your recipe calls for. After the simple ingredients, it should just say, "Live with love."
Many hopes that the service was full of all you wished for.
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