Wednesday, April 28, 2010


"No" says Osler.

I'm beginning to realize that if you want something to change, a short argument read by 400,000 people may have more of an effect than a long one read by 70 (most of whom already agree with you). That's why I was glad to see this USA Today piece in today's paper.

Note: This logic works just the opposite if you're a sniper.
Mark, I was glad to see the piece too, although the math was quite odd!

This is good to see! The more the media pays attention, the better!
It was in the Onion?
Scholarly publishing. 12 people CLAIM to have read your article. Maybe you get tenure.
Popular magazine or newspaper article. 100,000s read your article.
Doesn't count towards tenure.
Help change an unjust law.
You leave Baylor.
It's called Academia.
I wish someone had clued me in earlier!
The "no" quote is probably the shortest ever quote from a legal expert in the history of news media. Much more concise than that Toobin guy.

More importantly though, it is a great article that will hopefully lead to broader political support for fixing the problem.
Well, there was more than just "no," but it was a thoroughly accurate quote!
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