Monday, April 19, 2010


Last Lecture Topic Pondering...

I will post later in the week about the service for Dan Freed in New Haven yesterday. Suffice it to say that it was an overwhelming emotional experience.

For now, though, a quiz. One of the following is the actual subject for my "last lecture" tonight (really). Can you guess which one?

1) Blue Laws and Blue People: Superficial moralities from Adam to Avatar.

2) It's 2 AM, and I Am Worried About What My Friends Are Doing In That Convenience Store in Atlanta.

3) Slow-Jamming the Rule Against Perpetuities.

4) Harvard Women, A & M Men, and Crack Cocaine: Midnight in the 313.

5) What's That Smell?

[feel free to make your own suggestions as well]

"It was already there when I got here."

On a more realistic note, I just taught a Sunday School lesson about the Passover and now can't wait to give a talk about this topic: "Leave nothing until morning."
It's got to be #4 and refers to burning the midnight oil with your students in your office, working on crack cases.
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i assume 4, but hope for 1. dont't forget to video and post it.
Please tell me #5 is actually a Lynyrd Skynyrd shout-out.
"How my leaving Texas was all a bad dream": The "Dallas" teaching method.
I vote for #7: What kind of bear is best?
It can't be #3. I'm pretty sure only Prof. Featherston is allowed to teach RAP at Baylor Law.
Any mention of the "rule against perpetuities" outside of 1L property law or T&E is immediate grounds for gulagging.

You will, of course, be using #4, and should at least spend a little time discussing #1 and why no one should respect either James Cameron or Puritanical moralizers. Use that as a segue in to #2 (and potentially #5) as you discuss exactly what is wrong with Atlanta, besides being the home of Turner Broadcasting.
I'm voting for, "It's 2 AM, and I Am Worried About What My Friends Are Doing In That Convenience Store in Atlanta." But that is because I'm extremely narcissistic.

How about, "Grar v. Argbf: The Final Countdown."

Or, "No, seriously, Bill Underwood is a really sweet guy."
Oh, and if it is #4, then OK. But if you spend too much time praising A&M men I'm going to start throwing things at you.

$20 if you finish with, "smoke 'em if you got 'em"
He could (I hope) lambaste A&M "men" in a series of Aggie jokes. At least, that's how it's going in my mind, since I will be 15 hours away.
Any word on whether it will be streamed live?
I think it's #4, with the caveat that I have no idea what #3 means.
Personally #1 sounds like an interesting topic, but then I'm not a lawyer. How about "I'm moving to Minnesota and Al Franken is my new Senator...."
It was absolutely beautiul. Thank you for sharing it in the way you did.
For those not in attendance, it was
number 3. And it was exactly what
you would have hoped for. Though
the absence of Grar and Argbf was

If you missed it, you missed a good one, indeed.
If only all of the lectures in law school had been so interesting, I just might have stuck it out. But alas...
Well crap! Now I want to know how #4 goes. "Harvard Women, A & M Men, and Crack Cocaine: Midnight in the 313" - yup, pretty much describes my college experience at TAMU.
PS - Good speakers know how to make an entrance. Great speakers know how to make an exit. You, Prof. Osler, are a great speaker.
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