Wednesday, April 14, 2010


How life is different when you are 40-something...

OMG! You won't BELIEVE what happened today! Ok, so, like, there is this woman, Nina, who I have been totally in love with since, like, 4EVA!!!1! Not that I ever talked to her or anything, but I would see her all the time and heard her talking to her friends, like, every single day. She is totally hot, like scary-hot, in a public-intellectual sort of way.

Anyways, today my BFF Jill said she was going to send Nina a note about me! I was so totally nervous. Anyways, she did, and Nina wrote her back and asked for my cell phone number! SERIOUSLY!!! So, I know it's TOTALLY a long-shot she will ever call, but, OMG! What if she does? I will totally, like, FREAK! Then I will talk about sentencing policy!!!1!

So tonight I got an extra-large Rosati's pizza and ate, like, the whole thing myself, and now I am lying on the couch like a whale.

Nina, you have my number. Txt me anytime. UR awesum!!1!

So, when is the NPR interview?
I think you should ask her if she'll save you a seat next time you're at the Supreme Court. You never know . . .
I got a pretty great seat last time all on my own... just not enough of them.
LOL - What does Nina want to know? Can't wait to hear all about it on NPR. By the way - was the pizza any good?
BFD. when Cokie Roberts calls, then I'll get excited.

Or one of the ESPN babes.
IPLawguy: Just be careful... be a little smarter with your spycam! They are on high alert over there right now.
Oh crap, I think I missed something cuz now I'm a 50-something. Rats!
This post is false. WAY too many words were spelled correctly.
Nina talked about texting privacy this morning. No Osler in site. Perhaps tomorrow.

Really, all she did was ask for my number, in relation to the Supreme Court's decision in the juvenile life without parole case. I haven't done an interview.

I also really ate too much pizza.
U R Trippin, boo.
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