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Haiku Friday: Graduation season

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We are on the verge of graduation season-- Baylor Law's spring commencement is only a few weeks away now, hard as that is to believe. I'm thinking hard about the commencement address I'll be giving at Vanguard High School here in Waco. It seems especially important, in a way, because I have no direct connection to that school. I'm going to make it really good. In addition, the "Last Lecture" I will be giving on Monday has some overtones of commencement to it as well.

The picture above is at my own college commencement; I am outside of William and Mary Hall with my Mom. I had tried out for commencement speaker but was rejected as too "iconoclastic." Probably true, in retrospect. Our speaker dutifully talked about us "taking on the world." That type of phrasing was not part of what I had planned to say.

So, let's haiku about graduations. To make it easy, I will provide the first line: "Graduation day:" Just follow that with a seven-syllable line and a five-syllable line, and you have a haiku!

Here is mine:

Graduation Day:
Sunburned feet and racing mind,
Horizon line fades.

Now it is your turn...

Graduation day
I wore a bow,floral dress
Dreamed of the future.
Graduation Day
You need to bring back the beard
Rock that facial hair.
Graduation Day:
I wore a bow, floral dress
Bad day for a boy.

You've got to be kidding. Look at the photo. My beard comes in RED. I look like a friggin' Viking. (albeit, a Viking with a college degree).

Graduation Day:
Sacking England's coast all week,
Degree? Piracy.
Graduation Day
Valhalla U, Ninety-Three
Let's go Fighting Thors!
Graduation day,
Hot, humid, rain, in the gym,
Light blue leisure suit.
From anon 12:12 to anon 12:17 - that would have been a bad day at Baylor!
Graduation Day
Ralph Sampson* marched next to me
Walking down the Lawn

Graduation Day--
Only saw Sampson.

Graduation Day
"Oh, yeah, you were, uh, in there
Near Ralph Sampson, right?"

*(The 7'4" basketball phenom, for you young things out there)
Graduation Day
Bottle of warm champagne, passed
To me, said What the hell,

Graduation Day
UVA. Warm champagne on
Sunday morning's Lawn

Graduation Day
Pouring rain, soaking wet, an
Absurd adventure.
Graduation Day
Just cuz yer leaving baylor,
PLEASE don't end The Razor!!!
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How do you consistently get spammed??
You look like a frigg'in Viking? You are moving to Minnesota - home of the Vikings. Perhaps the beard of Graduation Day is appropo in your future home.

Graduation Day
Parents watching and thinking
When will you move out?
Graduation Day
Baylor Law without Osler
Not all change is good.
Graduation Day
Bad hair dye left hair orange
Thank God no pictures.
Graduation Day:
Osler Replacement we'll have--
Good as new. Right? Right?
Class of Eighty-Four,
But majored in the frat house.
Class of Eighty-Eight!
I remember beard.
Iconoclast, Oz sure was.
Viking: Hilarious!
Are you wearing a medal? Did you kill someone to earn it? That's the rumor.
You have to pronounce the "ious" in "hilarious" as "yus" to make my last haiku work... sorry.
Graduation Day:
I have nothing nice to say
so I'll say nothing
Graduation Day
I am skipping commencements
Having drinks instead

I actually won't be drinking that early but I don't feel like going. I'll be driving back to Detroit the next day.

Graduation Day
Moved to Austin day before
I'm still a Viking

(although, that's a hippie beard, not a Viking beard)
Graduation day:
Eating lunch with Papa Powell
Surrealism, steak.
Graduation Day
No skills, no job, hangover
Had to start over
Graduation Day
Sharansky Paul Simon new
Senator Singer
Graduation Day
Thank God for Gavin Rossdale
Gotta Machine Head?
Graduation Day
Putting off Oral Ad post
Ethos schme-ee-thos
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