Friday, April 30, 2010


Haiku Friday: Baylor Getting Fun?

Is it just me, or does it seem like Baylor is getting more fun just as I'm leaving? The video above is a flash mob on mid-campus earlier this week. Really? Baylor? Excellent!

Let's Haiku about Baylor, and what we might want to see in future flash mobs...

Feel free to use the first line "My Baylor flash mob:" Or, you can do anything you would like that is Baylor-related.

Here is mine--

My Baylor flash mob:
Every law student here
Singing "Iron Man."

Now it is your turn...

It seems that way, but since Baylor is where fun goes to die, it's just more fun coming here before dying. The flash mob is the fun part; the rest of the video where the riot police stormed in and pepper sprayed the crowd and cracked heads with batons was the fun dying, although it appears they left that part out of the video.

My Baylor Flash Mob:
PC students skip exams
They can't fail us all.
My Baylor Flash Mob:
Janet Reno Dance Party!!!
T.P. the foyer
He was turn'd to steel
In a great magnetic field
Ir'n man lives again!

Baylor Law is where
Fun goes to die; undergrads
Cannot dance, Justin.
Streaking down Seventh-
Buck naked Baylor students!
Baylor flesh mob.
My Baylor Flash Mob:
All the feral cats outside
Do the Stray Cat Strut
My Baylor flash mob
Inauguration hijinks
Dancing with the Starrs
Anon. 11:46: That's beautiful.
Those kids need to get to class. STAY OFF MY LAWN!

My Baylor Flash Mob:
would need to explain to me
what a "flash mob" is.
A flash mob is just
A bunch of 'net nerds gathered
Doing silly things.
My Baylor flash mob
students skipping their exams
so long Prof. Osler
Here is my favorite poem by the good professor:

Oh Thunderous Splat!

I did not think
It would hurt to drink
Before I carried the spinach

It was lovely and creamed
Just as I'd dreamed
Green with an off-white finish

I want to please you my love
My sweet turtle dove
Because it's you I adore

Don't worry, dear miss
I'll give you a kiss
As soon as I clean up the floor.
It's true- I wrote that for an in-house publication in the early 90's. I can't believe someone dug it up!
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