Friday, April 23, 2010


Haiku Friday: Appetizers

It's been a long day, and now I'm hungry. We are coming up on dinner-party season (at least that's what I'm thinking), and that means appetizers.

Why not haiku on them? The first line this week will be "Best Appetizer--"

Here is mine:

Best appetizer--
Bacon-wrapped shrimp served
With hint of a smile.

Now it is your turn... (and feel free to mess with the structure this week).

Best appetizer--
Shrimp skewers hot, on a bed
Of cold Fiber One.
Worst appetizer
Tuesday's salisbury steak
With some cold green beans.
Best appetizer--
A long run on the beach, then
Some fresh raw penguin.
Best Appetizer:
Veggies & dip, Puffy stuff,
or anything with bacon
Best appetizer...
fig wrapped in bacon, garlic
stuffed in middle; broil!

and another new favorite...

Best appetizer...
roasted, mini, sweet pepper
stuffed with fresh goat cheese
Best appetizer:
jumbo bleu-cheese stuffed olives
in my martini
Appetizers? Nah.
But I really like that pic
I want to see more.
Best appetizer:

How's that for messing with the structure?

Excellent, Smithers...
Best appetizers:
Cheetos! Love their flourescent
Orange crunch and taste!
Best appetizer
Pigs in a blanket yummy
Lobster or ham too
Best appetizer--
Cheetos in a blanket and
A warm can of Tab.
Best appetizer--
Sleeping in the afternoon
A light breeze and wamth.
I agree with _B_
Jumbo Bleu Cheese stuffed Olives
dry gin martini

Goes best with my favorite appetizers....
Please stop posting photos of steel. Thanks
Well, what would you like to see pictures of, then?
Lou Reed riff perhaps?
like Metal Machine Music?
photos versus sound?
Best appetizers
Those that are served on steel plates
Beautiful, yummy.
What is with the steel?
Oh! I get it! The Razor.
Too subtle, Hammer.
Anon. 5:47-

Is that a coke reference?
Coke is not an appetizer. It's the opposite.
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