Friday, April 02, 2010


Haiku Friday-- the 80's

I'm not sure why, but I'm going through kind of an MC Hammer obsession at the moment. But who hasn't? If you see me in a pair of Hammer pants next week, don't be surprised.

This week's haiku will use the last line "It was the Eighties." Just patch together a first line of five syllables and a second line of seven syllables, and you have a haiku!

Here is mine:

In the Reagan days
Every time was Hammer Time!
It was the Eighties.

Now it is your turn...

I moved to Spain,
Could not stand President Ron,
It was the Eighties.
MC Hammer love
I was feelin' it, too, dude!
It was the eighties.
I sang and I danced
To Van Halem, George Michael.
It was the Eighties.

With my friend Shelly
I smoked potpourri - bad call!
It was the Eighties.

Lived at the Island
Sipped Champange, watched the river
It was the Eighties.
Could there be worse hair?
Sticking up or flattened down
it was the eighties.
Technically, though, MC Hammer achieved popularity in the very early 1990s (maybe late, late '89) during the Bush years.
You can't touch this RULED!
I so hope those baggy pants
Come back in style soon!
Pet Shop Boys crooned
Ferris Bueller played hooky
It was the Eighties.
Finished college, went
To work, moved three times,
Met right guy, married

(not the same one), had
Four jobs, became an adult;
It was the Eighties.
What I really want
Is to be in Hammer's pants!
(It's not the eighties)
Swissgirl? Met right guy...
Married someone else? Uh-oh.
It was the eighties.
Bright blue eyeshadow,
Ponytail off to the side:
It was the eighties.
Your house is for sale?
Is it worth as much as when
It was the eighties?
O-M-G, Anon.
It was the eighties.
"Loser" no longer
Made lifelong friends in college
It was the Eighties

Capitol Hill Jobs
No clue about life or girls
It was the Eighties

Then, Isolation,
law school, romance disaster
It was the Eighties

One constant: Music
Still listen to those tunes
It was the Eighties
MC Hammer pants?
I owned some brown silky ones.
It was the eighties.
I was not yet born
Synthesized music, bad haircuts
It was the Eighties.
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Roadtrips from Oxford
to dance clubs down in Cinci
it was the eighties...
Lived in Vermont
Aged newborn through 4 years old
It was the eighties
Crack epidemic!
It's scarier than Powder.

It was the eighties.
Adolescent Years
MA wicked awesome townies
It was the Eighties
GIANT earrings, Big
Shoulder pads, parachute pants
it was The Eighties.

Theatre nerd, Choir
geek, crushes unrequited
it was the Eighties.
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