Friday, April 09, 2010


Haiku Beach Friday

Summer is coming. Sure, that's obvious in Texas, but today it was hot in Boston and New York and Washington, and that makes people think about the beach.

I know I am.

Today, the last line of the haiku will be "We were at the beach." Just precede that line with a first line of five syllables and a second line of seven, and you have a haiku. Here is mine:

I have no idea
Why she wore a sailor suit;
We were at the beach.

Now it is your turn...

Almost one year gone
She wore white, I wore khaki
We were on the beach.
The Russians wore red,
The Americans, red, white, blue,
We were on the beach.
Turtle crawled out
Looked at us once, laughed
We were at the beach.
You we pretty cute
And that girl adored you
You were on the beach.
Germans on the cliffs
The water was turning red
We were on the beach.
She: "We have to talk."
She told me about our child.
We were at the beach.
I want to see her
Close her eyes, fall asleep, sun-
We'll be on the beach.
Playing in the sand
Chubby legs, pink bikini
We were on the beach.
ex-girlfriend and
forty-degree spring break, but
we were at the beach
Diving, a dolphin,
Her body transformed, sleek,
We were at the beach.
Spring break, drank too much
No date, no luck, no prospects
We were at the beach
Ebb Tide-Kitty Hawk
Frat house for a week in May
We were at the Beach

As you probably know, that photo is from in front of the Ebb Tide, that last beach week you were in college for... in fact,you may have taken that photo!
Oh, and... Addidas shorts. Yikes.
In the 70s
Shorts were too short, hair was long
Too many drugs on beach?
Lost in carefree play
Pressures of life erased, gone
We are at the beach.
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The 70's?!?!?!?

I'm not that old!
Typo; I meant to hit 8.

Sorry. I'm very bored at a federal criminal law CLE. I just had to listen to some people cheerlead about what great things the guidelines are and how they will simplify federal sentencing and make it fairer.

The best joke: "if you've got crackhead clients, tell them to switch to coke! It's better for them." Without a -hint- of irony or humor. I honestly think that speaker was serious.

If only your name had some sort of talismanic property to drive them away. Most of this stuff is aimed at defense attorneys, anyway. I feel like I'm getting a peek inside the mind of the enemy, and surprisingly, there's a lot of whistling.
we played hockey and
wore kimonos and some pearls
We were at the beach.
I want to go to the beach with tydwbleach - pearls, kimonos and hockey? I cannot even imagine how that went!
Yes, I figured it was from that Beach week, esp. since you mentioned it when we were in Utah.

I do have photos, but not that one.
We robbed a bank, then
made olive finger puppets
We were at the Beach.
We made Creme Brulee,
wallpapered the breakfast nook
We were at the beach.
Moonlight, a sweet kiss
But it was only a dream
We were on the beach.
Whamoo frisbee, whosh....
White sand, the Coral Reef, Rex,
We were on the beach
Oh, to be eighteen
again with no cares, just dreams
We were on the beach
IPLaw No date
Olser with sailor girl
You were at the beach
Sailor suit? I'm game
It would be a groovy look
We'll be at the beach!
Out of the jungle
Monkeys came and stole our lunch.
We were on the beach.
Kid needed to pee.
Mom said, "Go in the water."
We were on the beach.

He obeyed, stood there,
And peed into the ocean.
We were on the beach.

We laughed, he cried. Mom?
Learned kids will do what you say.
We were on the beach.
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