Friday, April 10, 2009


Haiku Good Friday


A kernal inside
All of us, draws us to be
A part of the mob.


2000 years on
It's still radical to be
In true love with God.
In Gethsemane,
a friendship betrayed, but love
allowed to conquer.
Smell of blood and wine
The crowd is gone now, tired
Miracles await.
Christians-- so quiet?
Never was comfortable
Would rather dye eggs.
Quiet has meaning,
C. Loud introspection is
Rarely worthwhile.
I make one black egg
Never attached meaning there
Maybe there is some.
To know your own fate
It is just too much to bear
Take this cup from me
White Sand and Starlight
Acts -- carried across years and space
Being -- forgotten, lost
I don't feel right 'bout
Haiku-ing today. So, I'll
say Amen. Peace.
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