Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Poetry Fusillade, pt 3: Leaf

The best part
About being a tree
Is holding this leaf
(light as a pencil)
Though I fear she will fall
Like the others.

The map you made
Of Mr. Nature's "NaturePlex"
Makes me smile
Every time I see it
"Leaf" matches my paternal feelings about my daughter.

Thanks for sharing.
Exposing one's poetry to an audience that is relaitvely familiar with the poet is a brave act.
Yeah, well, after spending much of the summer on an article about natural law and a petition for certiorari, it's a nice change of pace.

Maybe I should post the cert. petition, too?
Before I went to law school I'd have guessed that a cert petition was a group letter to a co-worker with bad breath.
Doh! It isn't?
Dear Sam:

We are all glad you joined the Court, and we appreciate your good humor at having to deal with opening and closing the door to the Conference room, but we need to talk about your breath.

Perhaps its the Italian food, but Nino doesn't seem to have this issue (maybe he masks it with cigarettes).

Anyhow, here's a bottle of Scope and a role of Certs. They have Retcin... whatever that is.
We left out the part about Retcin. I forgot about that.
All lawyer banter aside, gentleman, may I add that this is a really lovely poem. My favorite of the group, Osler!
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