Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Roller Derby Update!

As some of you may remember, my sister (Kathy Osler) competes in the Chicago Roller Derby as "Miss K.O." This evening, she informed me that her team had three new members, and... well, these are just great roller derby names:

Hermione Danger
Kelly The Ripa
Nancy Pagan

Hmmm... what would your roller derby name be? I may select an all-star team.

There's an attorney's wife who does roller derby in Houston. Her name is Punitive Damages and her number is 41.

Bonus Points to whoever figures out the connection.
The Nancy Pagan opens up a whole world of political homage roller derby names. I'll start the ball rolling:

John McPain
Barak Your Mama
I'll Gore
she might need to change her number to 11 now.
In the recently disgraced Senator Ted Stephens' (Republican, Alaska) home district, there is a roller derby team named "The Bridgettes to Nowhere".
Holly Paino.
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from the law school:

Larry Berates
Stab Toben
I believe that she is referring to section 41 of the civil practice and remedies code, which used to be titled "exemplary damages." That is probably too cryptic for normal roller derby enthusiasts to catch :)

Kimberly Schott
Gloria Bind-em
Gloria Bind-em
I doubt that I could actually compete in roller derby, being 12 and male (the slogan is "for women old enough to know better"), but my name would be GM Stock and my catchphrase would be "going down!". This pretty accurately portrays my ability with roller blades.
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