Saturday, July 26, 2008


I'm confused by the Olympic Mascots...

What are they?
Why are there six of them?
Why are they so similar?
And, importantly, why does one of them have a huge gun?

Well, shooting is an Olympic sport...
Those are pretty weird.... but I am a fan of the Winter games and honestly those mascots are always weird too.

Maybe they are just big in other countries?

That FLAME HEAD one is the most disturbing. What sport is that supposed to be? The 400 meter Cross Country Running From a Guy Chasing You With a Blow Torch Relay???
Yakuza panda? PA.
I like the one with fire for hair. Is fire an olympic sport as well? I have no idea what they are, but this is just continuing a tradition of weird amorphic androgenous mascots...
Obviously, they are "Friendlies".

One of the Friendlies is Exalted Professor Trail in retirement.
Are these things supposed to look cute. Because if they are, they're really failing miserably with Flame Head Guy and His Cast of Thousands.
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