Saturday, July 05, 2008


Crikeys! What is this, New Jersey?

Detroit is suddenly full of zesty and troubling corruption scandals. The Mayor is about to be charged with perjury, the FBI is investigating the city council for bribery, and meanwhile they are debating whether or not to sell the tunnel to Canada.

None of which, sadly, helps much in addressing the city's problems, which are only exacerbated by the economy.

Now it is time to go down to the Eastern Market...

Hmm . . . the Eastern Market in . . . Washington, D.C.???

Do the little red lights at the top of the Washington Monument freak you out?
No, there is an Eastern Market in Detroit, too. It's a little more mayhemic than DC's. And yes, I made up the word "mayhemic."
My mom went there every single Saturday of her life and I went too. The embarrassing part was that my mom was a Social Worker right? so these homeless people would come up to us and ask us for money all the time. My mom would tell them: "Look, I know for a fact that there is a shelter down that street and a food kitchen thing (or whatever its called) on this street... and if you just go down here and make a left you will find a Social Service office where you can apply for assistance and get food stamps etc."

I would want to crawl under the FLOOR!!!! I was like "MOM PLEASE just give this one guy a dollar! PLLLLEEEAASE!!!! Its so embarrassing when you go into your whole thing about where the place is and stuff!!!"

but she would completely ignore me, and tell me that they most of the time just wanted to use the money for drugs, and they needed a hand up not a hand out and some other stuff. whatever I cannot remember.... GAWD

It really kind of wrecked Eastern Market for me for years.. and THEN I learned to cook and discovered Hirt's and all of their weird cheeses, and I had to go there. My last years in Detroit I could not go there EVER without thinking of her. She was such an inlikely social worker... this 1956 Albion Delta Zeta going into all these neighborhoods and stuff. Wow.

It was the 70s, it was a crazy time.
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