Thursday, May 29, 2008


It's the Law School Ranking Game!

This afternoon, always-helpful RA Sid Earnheart tipped me off to something really fun-- the Law School Ranking Game, a creation of Prof. Jeffrey Stake of Indiana Univ. Law School-Bloomington.

Just go to the link, and YOU get to create the variables and weighting, based on the factors you feel are most important. It's a great tool, and fun to goof around with. What's that? Harvard is #62, and Baylor is #4? He he.

What did you come up with?

I could only get Baylor up to #32.
Yale at #176?!? Maybe because I upped the importance of Tibetan food...
There's no criteria here for proximity to bad Greek delis, 18th Century historical recreations or cheesy tourist theme parks, which would have driven William & Mary to the top.
Yeah, Baylor had a hard time under that calculator, but there is no category for actual practice skills.
Well, when you get your own magazine with national following, you really can change the weighting of the factors to what you THINK they should be. Until then, we must live in the would created by U.S. News.
Lol! I'm a defense attorney, it's my job to complain about other people's work. :)
If we live in a world created by the corporate glad-hands at US News and World Report, I suddenly have a desire to terraform Mars.
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