Saturday, May 31, 2008


Brief thoughts upon discovering that my little sister has joined the roller derby

My mom sent me this article revealing that my little sister, Kathy, has joined the roller derby under the name "Miss KO." Given that Kathy (pictured above with Mom) has the usual Osler qualities of tenacity, orneriness, and a high-impact hip check, I probably shouldn't be surprised to find her taking up with the likes of her new teammates Hellin Wheels, Screamin' Mimi, and Pistol Whip.

I'm kinda jealous, because it sounds like a lot of fun. I have always been a little in awe of Kathy anyways, since she (like my brother) has always had abilities that I don't have. She's a social worker, for example, which requires an entire skill set that I lack. Specifically, she works for an organization that helps people who would otherwise be institutionalized for mental problems to live on their own. They keep their clients' checkbooks, visit them every day, and make sure they take their medications. It is a job which serves a pure and unalloyed good.

I'm hoping this summer to make it to Chicago, and maybe catch a little rec-league roller derby. Go Miss KO!

I think I dated Hellin Wheels for a while in college.
As someone who freaks out at the thought of skating fast, falling a lot, or turning upside down, I have a lot of admiration for those roller derby ladies! I saw a roller derby last fall, and it was great.
My mom was a Social worker. She worked with clients who lived in Adult Foster Care homes, which is I think what you are describing. She helped them a lot.. they had gardens and stuff ... I don't know.

My mom was never in the Roller Derby. She did have a mean left hook though.
In honor of Osler's cool sister, I think we all ought to a group together in June to go see the Texas Roller Girls league. My favorite team are the Hell Marys, which includes such legends as:
Tart Attack
Annie Social (retired)
Helen Fury
The Scarlot Harlot
Apocalippz and
Patsy Crime
I am Hellin Wheels, K.O.'s derby friend and neighbor. LOL, I'm curious to know who thinks they dated me in college, as I'm married to my college sweetheart? Although I once had an accidental semi-intimate encounter w/K.O.'s brother, Mark.
Oh, those "accidental semi-intimate moments!"
did you know apocalippz is a baylor grad? see the most recent issue of the baylor business review...just sayin... kisses! :-* -lippz
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