Saturday, March 22, 2008


More Holy Week pictures

One function of being from Detroit seems to be that you love certain kinds of images-- usually of something abandoned or allowed to rust, with that air of desuetude about it. Even here in Texas, looking for found crosses, I found Detroit. Of course, there is a connection-- these images somehow reminded me not only of the sad desolation of Detroit but the sad desolation of Good Friday and what it represents.

It could be that since I basically wrote a whole book about Good Friday, I am all out of words and now I think in images. A heart can only take so much of the same type of sadness.

As usual, you can make the images bigger by clicking on them...

Why do I find the cross in empty spaces? And so often in threes...

No cross here, but something about the cage over the take-out window seemed so... final, like a boulder before a tomb:

Thanks for the images. They have evoked a lot of reflection about this season of the year and of my life.
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