Friday, February 01, 2008


Another Incredible Day, followed by Haiku

I've always wanted to hear Jimmy Carter speak, in person, because I have always admired the man. That desire came true yesterday, when he spoke at the opening of the Celebration of the New Baptist Covenant. Today, he came to hear me speak.

First, though, this morning, Tony Campolo spoke to the assembly as a whole, and made my Mom cry. In a good way. Later, it was my turn to take a crack at that.

The official report on my talk can be reviewed here (it gets most of the facts right but overstates my role in the crack/powder changes- probably my fault for not fully explaining the role of an amicus brief). There is another one (unofficial) here. I think it went pretty well, and I really enjoyed the give and take with my co-presenter, Hugh Kirkegaard. He's Canadian, so once he referred to the letter "Zed" (that's what Canadians call the last letter of the alphabet), but other than that he was wonderfully informative, passionate, and clear. Our moderator was Dr. Bill Shiell, a Baylor guy and author who even mentioned the Razor in his introduction.

Shortly after we began, President Carter came in and sat in front of my parents. Further down the same row was Baylor President John Lilly. It was the trifecta of pressure-- parents, boss, former US President/Nobel Prize winner. I did try a little banter with President Carter, though, relating to his appointment of a judge I told a story about. He seemed to enjoy that.

After the evening session, in which Julie Pennington-Russell preached (wonderfully), and both Grant Teaff and John Grisham spoke (another great performance), I visited with the Lillys and then hung around with Jim and Bill Underwood and the Georgia Underwoods. Old stories were told, we laughed ourselves hoarse, and the other people in the restaurant wondered what was going on. I love being at that table.

Tomorrow is a more relaxed day (for me, at least), but for now I just wanna haiku. Do you?

Pick any theme you want. Here's mine:

These are those days that
You hope someday to witness
Suddenly, it's there.

Now, it is your turn:

Barbequed pork
Much better than beef brisket
gotta get outa Texas
PC final time!
Gotta love the fear of the
dreaded do-over
Frosty winter sun,
Cool air nips at my red nose,
Summer fades away.
at welcome breakfast
new associate can't know
she'll be sausage soon
Agree with above,
barbecued pork is better
who needs beef brisket
Barbequed frog legs
Those are the best of them all
Viva la France!
Heady trifecta,
Plus a guy named Kirkegaard;
What company! Whoa.

* * * * * *

"Zed", I've discovered,
Said by the rest of the world;
Now I say it, too

So they know what I mean.
Also, Y is "ypsilon"
Feels like someone else

Says those letters . . .

* * * * * *

Pork is EVERYWHERE (here)
Pigs painted on trucks, happy,
Which is kinda strange.
Still here in Waco
Thinking of things in Georgia
Wishing I were there
Next year, we bus it
On over to Hot-lanta
To see this whole thing!
Last set of finals
So close to the finish line
Counting down the days

Also, if you didn't get a chance to see the premier of Eli Stone, it was really good, I think you would have enjoyed it. You should give it a shot.
Osler's mama's proud
Carter, Gore, Underwood too.
New Covenant rocks!
I never met you,
But I knew you, watching you
As you taught to stand

A little taller,
Speak a little kinder, and
Follow the Master.

Goodbye, my old friend.
I'll miss you, but I rejoice
In your life well lived.
Gonzo Baptist guys
Representin' in GA
Baylor/Mercer link?
Grandpa wrote Time Mag
Letter To Editor, said
Carter- Peanuthead
Good things, bad things, but
I cannot complain. Okay
I SHOULD NOT complain.

First the good: House is
torn down, FINALLY. AND the
Foundation's OKAY!!!!

SO that saves us just
about forty thousand bucks.
That is a relief.

Construction starting
in one month! Also progress.
Good! Sick of Goat Farm.

Mediation to
prepare for: doing that now.
Working with Lawyers.

Weird news: Guess what else
happened 4/19 besides
my house explosion?

Branch Davidian
mess, AND the Oklahoma
City bombing mess.

How sad, WAY worse than
my house. So weird, so many things
explode on that day.

More good news: Have found
new job I want: TrackHoe job.
Those things are cool.

I could work that thing.
So cool, like a Construction
ballet. Seriously.

It was like graceful
dinosaur eating my house
bite after bite 'til gone.

Preschool Conference:
Spencer good at math, also
building things with blocks.

Funny: Saw thing near house,
Told Bill: "That is an I-Beam
Daddy." Scary huh?

Maybe too much Bob the
Builder. But the things he builds
at school never fall.

My blog stinks. Trying
to make "Master Thespian
Friday" fun. Not yet.

Spencer Birthday is
in April. May have party
reptile museum.

Good plan? Toddlers and
reptiles? Spencer loves Teacher
Gina's Iguana.

Iguana is named
"Spike." Should meet Elmo the goat.
Or bring goat to school?

That preschool is so
crazy, Teacher Gina would not
even notice goat.

Bill works at preschool
2 days a week. Don't know how.
I 'd need a Xanax.
Jimmy Carter cool:
Hangs w/ Paula Deen, Good Works.
Could use Botox though.

Looking at him get
old reminds me I am old.
Make that Botox for two
Carter's eyes shine bright
Much knowledge, much insight to share
no botox needed
I agree - Jimmy's
light shines brightly, one of the
few great ex Pres guys.
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