Wednesday, September 26, 2007


A visual preview of the Serr-Osler debate

A friend of mine created the diorama pictured above to give people an idea what the November Serr-Osler debate is going to look like.

From the left side of the photo [click on it to make it larger], we see Professor Serr making a point. Behind him are two of the HazMat specialists who attend to him at stressful times such as this. In the center, of course, is Chicago (wearing the orange construction vest) serving as the moderator of the debate. Behind him is an Illinois State Trooper who has been assigned to his permanent security detail.

On the right, waving, is me. I'm clearly countering one of Prof. Serr's sillier points. On the far side of me is a port-a-potty. I'm not sure what that is all about.

Though I'm not totally sure of the date, it is going to be an exciting event, so just keep the whole month of November free, if possible.

Are you sure it's a port o'potty and not a tardis?
Did you, like, have Serr actually re-created as a doll? The likeness is uncanny! How much do you have to pay for that?
I have actually seen Serr wear that outfit.
no- Serr doll missing the mullet
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