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A short history of Baylor Mascots

With football season upon us, it seems a good time to revisit the history of sports mascots at Baylor. Currently, Baylor is represented by a green bear named Bruiser. Green, though one of Baylor's colors, is not natural for a bear, and his appearance is a little alarming. I once overheard him referred to as "Aramark Bear." Bruiser, however, has several predecessors, dating back over 100 years. Interestingly, through the early years a mascot was largely decided by who killed off the prior mascot:

1) Pretentious Man

From 1900 through 1901, the official mascot was “Pretentious Man,” a large-headed individual in a tuxedo, top hat and spats carrying a riding crop and Harvard diploma. He appeared to have an unpleasant sneer, and was roundly disliked. As their Senior gift to the college and community, the class of 1901 drowned him in the Brazos. As he was being put down, the mascot protested in his uniquely effeminate way: “My word! I do believe they intend to kill me! This is scandalous! Stop, unlettered scalliwags!”

2) The Unlettered Scalliwag

The Autumn of 1901 saw the installation of a new mascot, known as the “Unlettered Scalliwag.” Played by an illiterate A & M graduate, the Unlettered Scalliwag was, in contrast to Pretentious Man, extremely popular. Dressed in a Baylor sweater and oversized diaper, he roamed campus handing out beer to faculty, students and small children alike. Always pleasant, he offered up a popular chant at football games, as he attempted to lead the crowd in spelling out “Baylor.” At times, the attempt went into hundreds of letters, often including “X,” “J,” “Z” and other Scrabble favorites. Sadly, he also met his end quickly when, in Spring, 1902, he was struck and killed by the first automobile to visit Waco, an Oldsmobile driven by President Brooks as he arrived in town to take his new post.

3) The Baylor Oldsmobile

In the Fall of 1902, the symbol of the school became the “Baylor Oldsmobile,” which was simply the President’s car painted in the (then) school colors of Black, Gray and Mauve. This mascot disappeared during the infamous 1903 “Disaster Bowl” football game against the booze-soaked New Orleans School of College University [sic], and was replaced by “Mr. Ghost,” which was simply a random Baylor freshman dressed in a sheet with two holes cut out for his eyes. Mr. Ghost lasted for a relatively lengthy two years, before he perished in a dove-hunting accident. He is still remembered annually through Baylor's tradition of "White Out" at a basketball game, at which the spectators remember their mascot by wearing all white.

4) Prudence Abstinence, et seq.

Subsequently, in 1905, Baylor adopted “Prudence Abstinence,” a Bible-quoting church-lady mascot. Perhaps the least popular of any mascot, ever, anyplace, she carried a King James Bible and a handgun, and often shot at students she felt were violating the moral code of the Baptist faith. Her tenure ended in 1906 when she was convicted of multiple murders and executed on the lawn of a freshman dormitory to the great Huzzahs of the student body. Her Bible, from which she had removed Song of Solomon and parts of the Book of Matthew while inserting an extended and "amplified" version of Leviticus, is now on display in the Student Life Center. In turn, Ms. Abstinence was replaced by Darty, a large poisonous snake. Darty quickly matched the death toll achieved by Prudence Abstinence, and in turn was replaced with "Pluggy the Clown," an overweight middle aged man in a clown suit known for his catch-phrase, "Hey, kid, get in the van."

Pluggy proved to be a tort liability disaster for the school, and the Board of Intenders finally acted to normalize the situation, passing a motion naming the bear as the Baylor mascot and allocating funds to provide the campus with at least two live bear mascots, to be named in a manner most ingratiating to the President of the University at the time the bear was obtained.

Mark... you crack me up - still.
Phew, that's a relief! I got an email from someone pretending to be you claiming that the Blog was going to be all serious and focused on law-related subjects from now on. I knew it had to be an imposter.

Although I guess the torts references count as law-related.

Are they replacing the Aramark Bear with yippy little rodent dogs?
That was hi-larious! Great job, Razor!
As a graduate of New Orleans School of College University, I am proud to report that the Oldsmobile is still there, though it smells really bad.
Officially, I think it is called "Booze-Soaked New Orleans School of College University."
I've heard the bears will soon be replaced by retired PETA members, who will live in the bear pits.
"I've heard the bears will soon be replaced by retired PETA members, who will live in the bear pits."

Come on, we all know that PETA members and bare pits don't go together..............oh, BEAR pits
Their pits may become bare after they get attacked by the fluffy little rodent dogs...
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