Wednesday, July 18, 2007


You had to figure it would come to this.

Hm. Looks like PC wins in the end. I like a happy ending.
Fortunately, bullets that work on PC don't work on Macs.
That, and at each step of loading and firing, a bubble pops up to ask if you really want to do that and if you want to be asked again if you really want to do that.
...and when you go to fire the gun it jams, and then when you call for assistance you are told to unload and then reload the gun and be sure not to use any third-party bullets that have not been digitally signed by Microsoft.
continuing from tradelawguy....

And the guy/gal helping you says its your fault the gun jammed and proceeds to make fun of you with words and acronyms you don't understand.
...all while speaking with the thickest Bengali accent you can imagine (and insisting his/her name is Paul McCartney) so, in the end, you think it really IS your fault.
I respectfully dissent. That model of pistol is very appropriate as the weapon of choice for Microsoft. I am guessing it is a Glock 17 (at least I can tell it is a Glock). Glock, like Microsoft, gets alot of hate. Glocks are ubiquititous in LE holsters- other pistols lag far behind in adoption. Also, Glocks have widespread parts availability, and are cheap, and seldom fail on you. Also, they are a "point and shoot interface" (with merely a trigger safety). I am sorry that I have waxed poetic about this wonderful pistol, but it truly has gained my respect- like a PC, and unlike a Mac.
12:32 - You, my friend, like most of America, appear to have settled for the mediocrity that Microsoft represents. Sure, a PC is a great tool and the Microsoft operating system is an acceptable, albeit mediocre, interface. The problem is that the company has taken its pseudo-monopoly as validation that it can do no wrong, that its product is superior, and has fallen into a cycle of "improving" on that mediocrity rather than using its enormous cash reserves to create a more reliable product. I suspect the fact that you refer to a Glock "17" means that Glock does believe in continuous improvement.
Glocks are overpriced for what you get, especially if you need to factor in exchange rates for imports. However, they advertise heavily and specifically target law enforcement, much like PCs advertise heavily and target businesses. Their image as outstanding weapons does not negate the fact that there are many better values for a regular pistol shooter. There are definitely better pistols, too, if like a Mac person, you are willing to pay more for a better product.
I understand what you are saying, but, Glocks seems to be the most cost-effective measure out there-
now I will confess, I have not shot any of the Rugers, although I do have a Springfield XD. I used to think it was a better value than a Glock, but I see it is retailing for more than Glocks at Academy- the luster has worn off. I do find I like Sigs more than Glocks, however, the issue is, how much more are you paying for what you get- as like Macs vs. PCs. Just my 2 cents.
Well, which is better for home protection-- a Glock or a Mac? I have a Mac, and it has worked great for that.
that was soooo funny and then you guys started to lose me.
Guys, how can you choose quality over price when you must upgrade every year anyway? I mean if you just need a gun or computer for light target shooting or making movies, Mac is great, but when you're running CaseMap and MMORPG'ing AND shooting criminals as they crawl in your gotta get a Dell.
iMacs are bulletproof. Seriously.
I just checked, MicroSoft has not registered "Stop Making Fun of Us" as a trademark. Wonder why not?
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