Saturday, July 07, 2007


Swanburg to Attend Business School, Learn How a Business Works

According to Swanburg himself (shown here with Scooter Libby), he's going to attend Business School at Baylor next year rather than go to law school, then switch back to law school at some later date. He's doing this as part of the prurient-sounding "Tuition Remission" program. I think back in middle school I remember a film about tuition remissions, and how they were normal. Anyways, I suppose I should give him some kind of parting gift. Does anyone have an idea for that?

Winnie the Pooh DVDs I am sending them right now.
How about port wine and donuts?
Photos of the two of you together... have you ever actually met him???
Celebrity photos and tins of beer.
A book on remedial calculus.

I considered MBA school till I realized you needed Calculus to get in. I wasn't going to take night school in a subject that held no appeal in order to get into B school.
is that Stephen Merchant?
Photos of us together would indeed be quite difficult to get your hands on but with Photoshop anything is possible.

As for the port wine and donuts; that's just an eating contest waiting to happen.
No I think they meant DONUT as in the person.

Of course Donut would not be an asset to anyone in Business school, unless they wanted to get busted for insider trading, or that word that means stealing money from a business that I cannot think of right now.... Oh wait... embezzlement?

I am having a hard time concentrating. Bill took Spencer to the water park (not really a water park but a park with water lots of fountains that kids run around in....its designed to be sort of a place for kids to get wet I guess .
and he behaved atrociously. He has been terrible ALL DAY and I hope this is just a thing three year olds go through because I cannot deal with parenthood any longer if my kid is gonna stay this way.

So anyway I am here preoccupied with this and trying to pick a good military school that takes not yet potty trained three year olds.

Do you think Ted Nugent has some kind of Toddler Boot camp? Kind of a SCARED STRAIGHT but instead of touring prisons you just I guess eat road kill and bow hunt and listen to AM talk radio all day?

If he does Could you guys put in a good word for me with The Nuge?
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