Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Seriously, the Crim. Prac. Final is Not an Exercise in Torture...

I was a little peeved upon reading Ladybird's announcement of a rumor that I was jamming up my criminal practice students by forcing them to take the final on Thursday of this week, when finals are supposed to start on Friday. There are a few problems here:

1) It's not true. The students can take the final on the assigned day (Tuesday of next week) OR on Thursday or Wednesday of this week, if they would prefer.

2) It's a friggin take-home final, with 8 hours to work on it.

3) Even with all that, I gave people flexibility on when on those days they take it-- for example, I am letting some people start at noon.

They should be thankful it's only an 8 hour take home. I once spent 16 hours working on an Osler take home final! But I think it was worth it for a preview of the greatest box office smash that never was: "Firestorm 4: The Key to Explodar City."
Ah, yes..."Firestorm 4: The Key to Explodar City," starring Rink Allegro. The only White Collar Crime final I will ever write, and perhaps my favorite in any subject.
Hey- if 1000 flowers are allowed to bloom, in your words, this final cannot be too horrible.

P.S. I will search out a source of blue books!
From someone actually in your class -- you're being really flexible about the final. If we had to take it on the day we were scheduled to take it, we'd be totally screwed.
From another student in your class:

I also appreciate your flexibility with scheduling the exam. My frustration is not with you but with the lack of communication to all the professors about when dead days are supposed to be.
that white collar exam was the longest i have ever spent on an exam. I actually never finished, after 13 hours i just turned it in. geez that was brutal. the crim prac one, not bad at all. people just need something to complain about. - squeeky
I too will laud you on your flexibility. You've shown great patience with my inability to get my observation done.
I agree- there has been alot of flexibility on exam administration times- which is helpful, as we are able to both fulfill the needs of you and Professor Bates.
Careful Osler You are going to ruin your reputation.. You want people to think you are a NICE GUY?????
I'm a little concerned to be reading about the "needs" of you and Prof. Bates. What's up with that?
Rink Allegro - You can love him or you can hate him, but you have to respect him.
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