Sunday, July 22, 2007


Monty Python - Camelot In Lego!

Thank you to Ginger Hunter for digging up this chestnut. The liner notes on the dvd say this demonstrates "how much more cheaply the entire movie [Monty Python and the Holy Grail] could have been made."

And without the obligatory cat-bashing. Although the stand-in parrot is not much better.

I would like to see a Lego version of the scene at the cave of Caer Bannog and a Lego "Day in the Life: Practice Court". Both stories would be quite similar.

Would that the bar exam was over!
the original was made pretty damn cheap. Did you know Led Zeppelin and the Who helped finance the movie?
I have the 25th Anniversary commemorative DVD of "Holy Grail" (two discs), which has a lot of cool and/or funny stuff about how they made the film.

"HG" played for months and months as the weekend late show at the Cardinal Theater in Raleigh... I must've seen it 10 times while it was there, plus who knows how many times afterwards.

But this may be the funniest Python-related thing I've ever seen.
How much time do we think went into putting together the Lego version?
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